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To Forgive & Hold Safe (The Broken Men Chronicles #4) by Carey Decevito @ItalRT4u


Loss, pain, guilt…

Those are the emotions Ben Carpenter feels as the lone survivor of a terrible night, three years before, where fate was so unkind.

On a quest to forget, aware of only one thing—overwhelming misery—he submerses himself into running Fairfax, the pub he and his wife had once planned on opening together, and his side gig as a volunteer firefighter.

Resolved to a life of loneliness, Ben is sideswiped when envy takes hold after he’s asked to stand as Best Man at his best friend’s wedding.

Before he can deal with the idea of opening up to love again, tragedy strikes…just not for Ben this time.

As secrets to his wife’s betrayal come to light, Ben is faced with the reality that an opportunity to heal stares him straight in the face—albeit, in the form of Hannah.

Bonded by their similar losses, Ben begins to wonder.

Is there really such a thing as second chances?

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  To Forgive & Hold Safe (The Broken Men Chronicles #4)To Forgive & Hold Safe by Carey Decevito
Jenni's rating: 5 of 5 stars

***Review has been gifted in exchange for my honest opinion and on behalf of Kats Book Promotions/ Katsindiebookblog.*** OMG! I loved, loved, loved this book! It had me pulled in within the first few sentences. This SC novel was just excellent. You learn about Ben and his story of the death of his wife and child. He does not feel that he could love again which having everything taken from him. He does what he feels like he needs to do, continue and finish the project him and his wife set off to do.
Hannah is your sweet girl next door, who is thrown into a terrible car accident. She’s in a similar situation as to what Ben was in years ago, the same road even. Hannah loses someone who may or may not be so dear to her and her heart. With Ben being a volunteer Fire Fighter, he is compelled to help at the scene of the accident. What he doesn’t realize though, once he catches the eyes of Hannah, he’s sucked in for an eternity. They both heal each other, especially when stuff comes out of the closet about both of their pasts.
Can these two works through their ghosts, or will they let the ghosts keep them from happiness for the rest of their lives? Even though this is the 4th book in this series, it can be read as a standalone. However, to get the bigger picture of all the other characters in this book, it helps to read the others. Such a great read either way, don’t turn it down!

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Author Bio

Born and raised in small town Northern Ontario, Canada, Carey Decevito has always had a penchant for reading and writing.

More than a decade later, with weeks of sleepless nights, where exhaustion settled into her everyday existence, she finally gave in and put pen to paper (more like fingers to keyboard!) She submitted to the dreams that plagued her. And the rest, as they say, is history!

A member of the RWA, Carey Decevito enjoys spending time with family and friends, the outdoors, travelling, and playing tourist in Canada's National Capital region. When life gets crazy, she seeks respite through her writing and reading. If all else fails, she knows there's never a dull moment with her two daughters, her goofy husband, and cat who she swears is out to get her.

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