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#ForgettingYouForgettingMe FORGETTING YOU, FORGETTING ME Monica James #NewRelease @monicajames81

Series: Memories From Yesterday Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 26th 2017
German Rights sold to: Heyne, Random House

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My name is Lucy Tucker, and my life…it was perfect.
I worked the dream job. I had the most incredible family and friends. My home, Whispering Willows, a ranch in Montana, was everything I could ever wish for. My adoring fiancรฉ, Samuel Stone, loved me unconditionally.
I had everything a girl could ever want.
But one fateful event shattered my perfect life. It’s unimaginable how simple, ordinary words can change a person’s life forever. For me those words were, “There’s been an accident.”
I thought Sam was my forever, but that forever came to a close the day Saxon Stone, Sam’s identical twin brother, came back. Saxon returned to Montana to help save Sam, however, the moment he entered my life, he turned my world upside down. But through chaos I somehow found clarity—clarity of who I was meant to be.

As time progressed, as seasons changed, and as a fire began to burn, I soon realized that Saxon was there for another reason…he was there to help save me.


“Let’s pretend tomorrow doesn’t exist.” Pressing his forehead to mine, he earnestly says, “Whatever happens now, it’ll just be memories from yesterday.” I can feel the tremble rumble throughout his entire body, and his uncertainty leaves me abandoning any lingering doubts. For this stolen moment in time, I just want to…feel.
Gently pushing on his bare, solid chest, he allows me to climb onto his lap as he nestles into the rocky terrain. Without a second thought, I wrap my legs around his waist and hold on tight, with no intention of ever letting go. His chest is rising and falling so quickly, I’m certain I can hear his heart hammering wildly within his body. The cadence matches mine as I seal my mouth around his. The touch of his full lips pressed to mine is complete perfection. But when he angles my mouth at the perfect slope and skillfully tangles my tongue with his, I know that this is nirvana.
The kiss at first is slow, like a roller coaster beginning its incline. But as we reach the pinnacle, it’s an exhilarating head rush of fast, breathtaking passion. When he senses me coyly opening up, lowering my guard and losing myself in the moment, he growls into my mouth. He dominates me with a fierce desire and in this moment, I am his.

I can’t keep up with the frantic pace, and finally, I surrender all I am. I allow him total control, melting when he sucks my bottom lip with a long, wet pull. I madly fuse our lips together, unable to get enough of this heady feeling, needing him to consume me, devour me, make me whole.

Author Bio

Monica James spent her youth devouring the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare, and Emily Dickinson.
When she is not writing, Monica is busy running her own business, but she always finds a balance between the two. She enjoys writing honest, heartfelt, and turbulent stories, hoping to leave an imprint on her readers. She draws her inspiration from life.
She is a bestselling author in the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, and the U.K.
Monica James resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her wonderful family, and menagerie of animals. She is slightly obsessed with cats, chucks, and lip gloss, and secretly wishes she was a ninja on the weekends.

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Instagram: @authormonicajames

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Jenni's Review: The Violet Widow? (Shattered Heart #1) @KEOsbornAuthor

####Note this book has had a name change


What would you do if the life you lived, the life you loved, was ripped from you tragically? How could life possibly go on? The only way to function and to continue living is to become someone else. Someone completely different to who you were.

When life breaks you the only thing you can do is fight back. But at what cost? If you become someone else, the polar opposite to everything you stand for, does becoming The Violet Widow make anything better? Or will it make everything a hundred times worse?

Finding love is something The Violet Widow never thought possible, but when an unknown man shows up on the five-year anniversary of her life changing, how can she resist the handsome stranger?

Her walls are up. She is guarded.

So how can one possibly love again after losing so much?

The answer is simple - choose to live!

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The Violet Widow? (Shattered Heart, #1)I am giving this review on behalf of Kats Book Promotions/ Katsindiebookblog. 

This book is very intense, but in a good way. What would happen if you lived that perfect life and all of a sudden a tragedy hit and took everything you've ever known? Violet lived that life, married her high school sweetheart and had a great son. Now she has stuck herself in a world she never thought she would be in. Granted she turned it into a career over the years and has become profitable, but at what cost? 

On her 5th anniversary to the tragedy, she ends up running into a guy named Rock. She is intrigued by him from the start. But can she let her past go and attempt to move on? What about her job as well? We all carry our own secrets, but when it comes to a chance at love, should you really want to risk the secrecy? 

I can only hope that the next book is right around the corner. This book leaves you with one heck of a cliffhanger and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next! 

Author Bio

Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.

Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry, and get completely enveloped with the characters and their story lines. She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn’t consider doing anything else.

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Jenni's Review: Reprieve by A.E. Woodward @AWoodwardAuthor


I thought he was my antidote, but it turns out that he’s just my new drug of choice.

Before him, it was heroin.

And then they put me here against my will. 

At the time it seemed like my only viable choice. 

I preferred stumbling through life numb to it all. But now I’m here, and every sound and every emotion is heightened to a level I never knew existed. 

Then somehow, in a moment of weakness it became all about him.
My counselor.

He makes me feel things I never thought possible. But I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to recover...

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I am giving this review on behalf of Kats Book Promotions/ Katsindiebookblog. 

Wow, just wow! There aren't many words that can complement this book and do it's justice. 
This story is slightly dark, giving you a close and personal look involving drug addiction. Tegan is a very smart girl, however she has let heroin take over her life, watching everything she has ever done wash away. Eventually her family has had enough and has admitted her into a rehab facility. 
In walks Asher, her counselor. He does everything in his power to get her to trust him and hopefully open up. But, how far can he go without stepping over the boundaries? 
They always say 2 broken souls can repair each other. 
Is that the case here? 
Asher hasn't had such a great life either. 

This story will pull every emotion out of you. 
It is greatly written and steps out of the typical boundaries of a love and romance book. 
Great research was put into this due to seeing all the ups and downs of a person with an addiction and seeing how they live their lives. 
This is a fabulous read to enjoy, especially if you love stepping out of the norm of a typical love book.

Author Bio

A.E. lives in Vacationland with her husband and two children. Between her real job and writing she finds little time to enjoy life's finer things. However in the free time she does manage to steal, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and reading. A.E. is the co-author of CAUGHT, and the author of Kismet, Working Girl and A Series of Imperfections: Imperfectly Perfect, Imperfectly Real, and Imperfectly Bad. Reprieve is her seventh novel.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Jenni's Review: PULLED UNDER by Sarah Darlington @sadarlington


man-child. noun.
: a grown man who is very immature, therefor considered a man-child

manwhore. noun.
: a promiscuous man who has no regard for his sexual partners or the emotional value of his relationships

Rhett Morgan couldn't have been more wrong for me. The guy drank beer in the shower, for crying out loud. He had no prospects for the future, had slept with half the women in our beach town of Kill Devil Hills, and had no desire to change his manwhore ways.

And when Ben Turner, the guy I had loved from afar for the past four years, died and I couldn't get over his death, I desperately needed a distraction. A distraction like Rhett. So I used him for a one-night stand. Because, after all, that's the only thing a guy like Rhett is good for...right?

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  Pulled Under (Kill Devil Hills, #3)Pulled Under by Sarah Darlington
Jenni's rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am giving this review on behalf of Kats Book Promotions/Katsindiebookblog.This is the 3rd book in the Kill Devil Hills Series, and probably the best book so far.This story is based on Sydney and Rhett. Poor Sydney's heart is hurt when Ben dies, or so she thinks. She looks for a distraction in Rhett. The manwhore that he is, it should be the best way to go, right?
The story plays off from the first book in the series, so when Rhett sees his green eyed beauty again, he believes he can leave his bad tendicies behind. But the question is, will Sydney see him for anything else other than a one night stand? Or even while having her heart hurting, can she possibly open it up again and let Rhett in? What happens though when a ghost from the past comes back? Who will Sydney go to?
I wish the ending was a little bit better, there were still some questions I would have liked answered. All in all though, this was a real great read!

View all Jenni's reviews

Author Bio

Sarah Darlington, a New Adult and contemporary romance author, lives in Virginia with her husband and two children. Best known for her Kill Devil Hills Series, she's also a former flight attendant, with a degree in school counseling, who harbors a huge passion for traveling. She's especially set on visiting all 50 states.
Keep up with Sarah online at:

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FREEBIE!! Grab Survivor, book one in the Soul Mates series, @victoriajohns75

FREEBIE!!  Grab Survivor, book one in the Soul Mates series, 
for FREE before the second book, Deserved, comes out in August  


#Preorder the next book, Deserved, now -

Amazon US -
When you're a woman on the run the last thing you need is a complication.
A complication that can unravel and expose your secrets, one that can undo the new life you're trying to build.
A complication in the form of an irresistible, tattooed guy, that brings out feelings and emotions that are as frightening as the things you're running from.

When you're a guy with a deadly job the last you thing you need is danger landing at your doorstep. Especially when that danger is a beautiful, sexy woman, begging to be protected, with a sack full of troubles hot on her heels.

He felt duty bound to protect her.
She felt obliged to resist.
Together they feel compelled to survive, but can they put it all on the line and expose themselves to have the one thing they want more than anything?
Each other. 

Victoria Johns is a writer who enjoys sharing a happily ever after and believes that it's every good girls dream to experience a steamy, hot one.

Growing up in North West England in a large family surrounded by love and support she found her Prince Charming many years ago and enjoys living the life they've made with their son. Being a mum, wife and in full time employment means multi tasking like a super power!

When she's not writing she's overdosing on crisps, Rosรฉ wine, trashy TV and raunchy reads. 

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#FatalKnockout by Julie Bailes is now LIVE!!! @hottreepubs @JulieBailes


#FatalKnockout by Julie Bailes is now LIVE!!! This awesome #MMARomance has been revamped with over 20k words added!
Make sure to grab your copy of this #MustRead today!

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**As of June 2017, Fatal Knockout has been rewritten; with fresh edits and more than 20k added to the story.**

It’s an action some encourage and others dissuade. Since the day I was born, fighting has been instilled into my mind. Regardless of your opinion, it’s something we all do. At some point in time, consciously or subconsciously—either emotionally, physically, or spiritually—we struggle. Many will strive to withstand their battles, but only those who were born to fight will overcome them. 
A true fighter lacks weakness. They abstain from carelessness and refrain from trusting their opponents, but most importantly, they never accept defeat.
I am a true born fighter. Each second of every day, I fight. Rip the ones I love most away from me, I kill. If I’ve learned anything from this life, it’s to always expect the unexpected. As long as my heart continues to beat, and no matter the costs, I will be victorious.


Though born and raised in Nashville, TN, Julie resides in a small town in West Virginia. When she isn't busy playing pranks on her handsome and sarcastic husband, she's chauffeur, cook, teacher, coach, and all-too-honest mom to her twin boys and diva daughter. Julie isn't one who enjoys adulting or peopling, but her heart is big enough. She has an unhealthy addiction to coffee, chocolate, wine, cake, unicorns, and rainbows. And when Julie isn't distracted with Facebook and Snapchat (lashes for days), you'll find her fingers racing across a keyboard or her nose stuck in a book.

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@ScarlettDawnUSA ’s TRIGGER is currently FREE on Amazon for a limited time!

If you’ve been waiting to read it, now is the time.

New York Times bestselling author, Scarlett Dawn, has created a fresh and magical new adventure for romance and paranormal lovers alike. Shifters rule the world through corporations after the humans all but destroyed Earth. It’s too bad humans are still oblivious. They have no clue terrifying beasts run their broken world.
And then along came a human. A beautiful and klutzy human.
She’s the trigger the shifters have been waiting for…
But beware of the soul-sucking darkness soon to follow.

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Surprise Cover Reveal - Lexia By Rachel M Raithby #Free #3days #PNR #NewEdition #NewCover #Lexia Grab it now @rach1986UK Cover By @Creation1nspire

#Free #3days #PNR #NewEdition #NewCover #Lexia Grab it now

Rachel M Raithby Author is updating the Covers for her #PNR series #TheDeadwoodHunterSeries Re- edited, Formatted and New Covers from Creation Inspire


Lexia #Book1

Book Info:
Drawn into a world she thought impossible, Lexia’s innocent night of partying leaves her dazed, confused and asking questions she’s not sure she wishes to know the answers to. Attacked by vampires, Lexia’s ability to defend herself triggers events she can't escape. Before long, she struggles to keep up a faรงade around her friends and family.
Secrets unravel and Lexia soon learns who she really is. Her mother created her and she was created for one purpose only…


Then, there is Lincoln. Finding herself irresistibly drawn to him, Lexia senses he desires something more dangerous than a simple romance. Lincoln has secrets and what she learns changes her life forever.

A story of love, loss, and, betrayal. Only one this is certain; War is coming…

Original Title: Lexia (The Deadwood Hunter,#1)
Edition Language:English
Series: The Deadwood Hunter #1

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The panther prowled the night drawn to something he didn’t understand; leaping from rooftop to rooftop, he heard a soft cry. Looking down he saw a young woman being attacked by vampires. As his lean panther body tensed to jump, she let out a wild cry, throwing them off herself. He froze, transfixed, as she ripped them apart with her bare hands, like a wild, crazed animal. Moving with a cat-like grace, she spun around to face the last vampire. Brilliant gold streaks run through crystal blue eyes; lighting the dark night.
That’s what you are, Little Wildcat, he thought, moving back into the shadows, as her screams rang out into the night.

Chapter 1
Her feet pounded on the pavement as she raced down the dirty backstreets of Deadwood. The night cool, it turned each heavy breath into a misty opaque vapor.
They’re so fast, she thought, why didn’t I stay in tonight? Just for some stupid party…Now I’m being chased by these... these... things. What are they?
Turning the corner, Lexia stumbled on the uneven curb. Regaining her balance she gasped, pulse freezing as came to a dead end. Whirling around, she faced the three creatures circling her, fear   closed her throat like icy fingers, strangling the scream desperate to escape. Her eyes widened in fright as they flashed their razor sharp teeth at her. Vampires?
Blood-red eyes, full of the intent to kill, their pale ghostly skin stretched tight over the hard angular bones of their faces; these creature looked like they’d walked off the set of a horror movie.
Back flat against the wall, Lexia’s hands grazed the rough surface, wishing she could somehow melt into it. Her body shook in terror as tears silently rolled down her face. I’m sorry, Dad, she thought as they leapt at once.
Whimpering, she curled into a ball, their nails slashed at her skin, gouging into flesh. Fear clawed her mind, blackness taking over, when...
Mind suddenly blank, pain rippled through her. It was torture as adrenaline rushed through her veins, charging her muscles with a strength, which took over her body.
Screaming she stood, throwing the vampires to the ground. Her next moves were not her own; she tore them limb from limb, until there was nothing left but her quivering body, soaked in blood. Smell; metallic and bitter, filled her nostrils. With heavy breaths, Lexia turned slowly, looking at the scene, seeing blood, death, and a never ending darkness.

Other Books in the Series - new covers coming soon

Whispers of Darkness #Book2 Series:The Deadwood Hunter #2

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Holocaust #Book3 Series: The Deadwood Hunter #3

Universal Amazon Link

About the Author

rachel-raithby-event1Rachel M. Raithby started her writing career in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She draws her inspiration from the many places she has lived and traveled, as well as from her love of the paranormal and thriller movies. She can often be found hiding out with a good book or writing more fast-paced and thrilling stories where love always conquers all. She now lives in rural England with her young family.
Her books include the adult Paranormal Romance novels ‘The Deadwood Hunter Series’ and the Young Adult series The New Dawn Novels, including the YA Best seller ‘Winter Wolf.'

Rachel M Raithby

Rachel M Raithby
Author of the Deadwood Hunter Series

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