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#NEW "Perfect paranormal escape..." Rachel M Raithby's SURRENDER #4 The Deadwood Hunter Series

The bestselling saga continues!

Title: Surrender
Series: The Deadwood Hunter #4
Genre: Paranormal romance
Cured and returning to her own life, Alice remains damaged. Two years later, and in her mind, she's still there—caught in a war she had no place in. When her worst fear turns into reality, instead of seeking help, Alice heads down the road to self-destruction, running from all she's known and loved.

As soon as lion shifter Jared meets Alice, he’s compelled to help her. What he doesn't realize is that he's as lost as she is. Their chance meeting leads them to a path of danger, love, and self-discovery.

Blood will be spilled, friendships reborn, and buried emotions will be unearthed.

Read this next installment of the Deadwood Hunter series and find out if life really can go on after war.

Monday, 8 October 2018


 After the Rain by Stacey Johnston 

Cover Design
Jessica Hildreth Designs 
Women's Fiction | Drama | Contemporary Romance 


When a child is born they're a blank canvas. A canvas that is later molded by the influences of the world around them. Those influences determine that child’s future, but they are not always kind. Some of those children will enter adulthood easily, unscathed by the harshness of life, but for others, that journey is not an easy path to follow.

And then there are those, whose journeys are cut short.

He only ever wanted ….. to fit in. 
He only ever wanted ….. to be included. 
He only ever wanted ….. to have friends.

Alec never wanted for anything. 
His parents made sure of that. 
But, what Alec desperately wanted, they couldn’t buy. 
He just wanted to be normal…….. 

He could never see what the rest of us could. 
Smart. Funny. Good-looking. Sensitive. 
Alec only saw what his mind wanted him to see. 
And believed the false truths it told him. 

BUT, I won’t allow him to become one of the lost, and when the clouds clear after the rain, I WILL make him see that he is everything WE believe him to be, and so much more……..

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"Serious Warning... this book will give you extreme feelings with a big dose of ugly cry" ~ Jamie 

To celebrate the Book Tour for After the Rain, Stacey is giving away a $25 GIFT CARD!! 

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Please don’t cry… 

I don’t suppose you ever thought you’d hear those three words being said to a man, or ever seen a man cry. There’s a common misconception that men don’t suffer like women. However, I believe this has more to do with the man’s pride than anything else. ‘only sissies cry’ I remember my grandfather calling out after I tripped over a rock in his garden and grazed my knee. ‘What are you, a girl?’ he chastised me at the time. 

I was only five years old. 

Author Bio 

Stacey Johnston was raised in Perth, Western Australia. She is a wife and mum to four children.

Having been an avid reader most of her life, Stacey finds herself most at ease when she can lose herself in stories of romance and mystery.

Stacey has a creative way of bringing suspense into her stories which keeps her reader hanging onto every word to find out how it ends.

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The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 3.5 BETRAYAL RELEASE BLITZ @Rach1986UK @Creation1nspire

The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 3.5 BETRAYAL


It’s Live! 
The Novelette Betrayal which is told from Alice's POV Releases today, 17th August and it is time for readers to dive back into the world of the Deadwood Hunter, Rachel M Raithby’s Adult paranormal series.
Betrayal will give readers an insight into Alice’s mind, and catch them up ready for the Book 4 which will release on the 26th October.

Title: Betrayal, The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 3.5
Author: Rachel M Raithby
Cover Artist: Creation Inspire -
Release Date: 17th August 2018
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

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Available on #KindleUnlimited 

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"The girl you knew is dead. Mourn her, Alice, mourn the girl I used to be: mourn the life we were supposed to have together, and then move on."

Time moved on but Alice could never quite follow Lexia's instructions. She's been given a new identity, a new life, but it didn't bring her happiness.

Sat on a beach, longing for her old friend, Alice's wish comes true but not how she'd wanted it to. 
Kidnapped by Hunters, Alice finds herself dragged back into Lexia's world. Only the friend she'd left behind isn't the same anymore, and Alice finds herself surrounded by enemies with no hope of help.




Get ready for Book 4, SURRENDER - Click to PREORDER NOWSPECIAL PRICE OF $1.99 for pre-order only


Check out the books below 

The Deadwood Hunter Series

Lexia #Book1

Drawn into a world she thought impossible, Lexia’s innocent night of partying leaves her dazed, confused and asking questions she’s not sure she wishes to know the answers to. Attacked by vampires, Lexia’s ability to defend herself triggers events she can't escape. Before long, she struggles to keep up a faรงade around her friends and family.
Secrets unravel and Lexia soon learns who she really is. Her mother created her and she was created for one purpose only…
Then, there is Lincoln. Finding herself irresistibly drawn to him, Lexia senses he desires something more dangerous than a simple romance. Lincoln has secrets and what she learns changes her life forever.
A story of love, loss, and, betrayal. Only one this is certain; War is coming…

Published July 23rd 2013 by Rachel M Raithby
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Universal Link

Whispers of Darkness #Book2

All Lexia ever wanted was to graduate from high school and leave Deadwood.
Now she would give anything to have her quiet life back
Her Father was murdered and her best friend, Alice kidnapped. With the help of Lincoln, the Panther Shifter she has fallen in Love with; they rescue Alice. But rescuing her wasn't as easy as first thought and Lexia and Lincoln barely make it out alive.
Lexia met her Mother, the Mother she thought had left her as a baby. But Secrets unravel and Lexia learns who she really is.
Her Mother created her and she was created for one purpose only...
Follow Lexia as she runs from her Mother and the fate she set for her.
Can Lexia fight the Darkness within her?
Can she have the 'happily ever after'" she wants?
Only one thing is certain, sacrifices will be made and lives will be lost.

Kindle Edition, 362 pages
Published February 26th 2014 by Rachel M Raithby
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon Universal Link

Holocaust #Book3

Book info:
She's been named Lexia, 'man's defender', by the one who raised her and died for her, the man she called her father.
She's been named Maura, 'for darkness', by the woman who created her, a mother who sees her as a weapon, and tool for power.
She has battled for her freedom, for the revenge of her father’s death, and then given it all up to save the man she loves.
She's given up her soul, her humanity, and now, there is only one question left. Can she create her own destiny or is she bound to follow the fate set for her before she was born? Maura?
Only one thing is certain; war is coming.

Kindle Edition, 281 pages
Published March 31st 2015
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Universal Amazon Link

Author Bio

Rachel M. Raithby started her writing career in 2013 and hasn't looked back. She draws her inspiration from the many places she has lived and traveled, as well as from her love of the paranormal and thriller movies. She can often be found hiding out with a good book or writing more fast-paced and thrilling stories where love always conquers all.  She now lives in rural England with her young family.
Connect with Rachel here:
Her books include the adult Paranormal Romance novels 'The Deadwood Hunter Series' and the Young Adult novel series The New Dawn Novels, Book 1 is one of Amazon's best Selling YA Paranormal 'Winter Wolf.'

Social Links
Twitter @Rach1986UK
Facebook Page

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A Matter of Time by JM Dabney Review

3 Moments Trilogy Book 1
RELEASE DATE: 07.31.18


One brutal night changed a teenager's life and derailed all the dreams she had for herself. Eighteen years later, her life took another unexpected turn. Did she have the strength to start over again?

A man who for years denied himself the one person he'd wanted finally had the freedom to make her his. Could he fight against the demons to get past her walls or had he lost before he began?

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A Matter of Time: BBW Romance (3 Moments Trilogy Book 1)A Matter of Time: BBW Romance by J.M. Dabney
Kat's rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is my honest opinion on this book, although I have enjoyed the book, there was an inconsistency that just made me feel like I had jumped into another story when we came to the first sex scene.
This story is about a woman who hasn't had a sexual encounter for 18 years... After being raped as a teenager and bringing up her son in poverty / minimum wage... This part earned my attention and I really got into the story, and brad, his slow courtship was in my first opinion a 4/5 star review. But when we finally got to the big moment... Well let's just say it was completely out of left field and in my opinion nothing like the reality of what someone whos been through the trauma Philly had would expect on her first sexual encounter... I expected Brad to be the same sweet patient man he had been in the book so far, not turn into a pierced dominant, and Philly lay there and enjoy it - NO not after the trauma described in the beginning of the story It was like I turned the page and had jumped into FSOG by accident. I am still confused to how we went from a sweet second chance romance to erotica at the turn of a page? And I would have given it more stars if the actual sex scenes had had the same theme as the book started with.

So other than the sex scenes the story was well paced and really well thought out, thankfully and I enjoyed the epilogue and the overall plot of the story.

View all Kat's reviews

While he was distracted with the mess she'd made, she studied him. His dark blond hair was threaded with random streaks of silver. His normally smooth jaw was covered with thick stubble that was a few shades darker than his hair. His body was broad and muscular, but not like a bodybuilder. Softer but still powerful. She studied the colorful ink that covered his arms and disappeared under the sleeves of his t-shirt.

“I never knew for sure you had tattoos.”

“Yeah, not many people do. It's a pain in the ass to hide them. I'm not ashamed of them, but I was a teacher, now principal of a small-town school. I don't think many would approve. I've been adding steadily over the years. To be honest, I don't have much skin left.”

“Can I get a closer look?”

He nodded without a word and walked around to stand before her. Bret held out his arms, and she briefly hesitated before she traced the lines. It was a beautiful mosaic of nature, flowers, and trees. Horses danced or reared onto their hind legs, blending into the landscape.

“I've always wanted to get one.”

“Why haven't you?”

“I don't know. Never seemed to have the time and really don't know what I’d want.”

She stopped breathing as he removed his t-shirt. His torso was covered in blond hair that disappeared into the waistband of his jeans. The same type of scenes that matched the ones on his arms covered his ribs, and he turned to expose the designs that continued onto his back. Her hands shook as she raised them to draw her fingertips along the delicate lines and bright color.

“They're beautiful.”

“Thank you. Years of work, but I'm not taking my pants off so you can see the rest.”

“I'd never,” she gasped.

She pushed his chest as he spun back around to face her and he chuckled.

“Maybe you'd like to go with me this summer to see about getting one yourself.”

“You're getting more?”

“I don't know. I'm forty-eight. I think I'm covered enough.”

“What's your age have to do with it?”

“Nothing I guess, but I only have one calf left.”


“Yes, really, want to see?”

She rolled her eyes as he waggled his brows at her. “I appreciate the offer, but I'll, unfortunately, have to decline. You still have your chest left.”

J.M. Dabney is a multi-genre author who writes mainly LGBT romance and fiction. She lives with a constant diverse cast of characters in her head. No matter their size, shape, race, etc. she lives for one purpose alone, and that’s to make sure she does them justice and give them the happily ever after they deserve. J.M. is dysfunction at its finest and she makes sure her characters are a beautiful kaleidoscope of crazy. There is nothing more she wants from telling her stories than to show that no matter the package the characters come in or the damage their pasts have done, that love is love. That normal is never normal and sometimes the so-called broken can still be amazing.

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Betrayal By Rachel M Raithby Cover Reveal @Rach1986UK @katsmith_nz @Creation1nspire

The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 3.5 BETRAYAL

Cover Reveal

Title: Betrayal, The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 3.5
Author: Rachel M Raithby
Cover Artist: Creation Inspire -
Release Date: 17th August 2018
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

Rachel M Raithby is currently working on Alice’s story (title reveal soon) this will be set 2 years into the future after the end of Holocaust.

Before that release though Rachel will be releasing a previously published novella,
The Novelette Betrayal which is told from Alice's POV will be released on the 17th August.
Find out what life was like for Alice in the Hunter Compound, in the middle of a war, as the events unfold that took place in Book 3, Holocaust.

This new Novelette will also include the first chapter of #SURRENDER Book #4

Betrayal will give readers an insight into Alice’s mind, and catch them up ready for the full-length novel.


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The Prize by Vanessa Fewings @vanessafewings #Suspense #Review #ThrillingChaseStory #Finale

Title: The Prize (The ICON Trilogy #3) 
Author: Vanessa Fewings 
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Release Date: July 1, 2018 


Kat's rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third book in this trilogy and boy I really got into the story and couldn't put it down. In this last adventure, Zara puts everything on the line, her reputation, job, and her history all for her lover—Tobias Wilder. Keeping his secret has cost her, but hopefully Tobias and Zara can prove her credibility in the art world and her father's reputation, and bring to justice the person responsible for stealing precious artifacts and priceless paintings, They will have to use all their combined experience and knowledge to bring the truth of an unscrupulous mega-rich billionaire and his son to justice.
With Tobias's ingenious inventions, they set off to capture their prize, and hopefully, they will get the chance to spend their future together.

Now what I didn't like about the book, well the blurb on this book has a bit of a spoiler ( I would be a bit fed up to be honest if I had accidentally read this blurb before reading the first book... as it gives the plot twist of book 1 away) But that was it... I loved this book, the pacing, the way the author brings the world of art into the book, which made me want to stop and google the paintings that were mentioned in the book, I wanted to go sit in a museum and sit in front of a painting, to just 'BE' and absorb the art. Hopefully, I will get a chance to do that soon but I will have to make do with my screensaver on my laptop which has a mix of famous art paintings as well as famous photographs to keep my artistic muse satisfied.
I do love reading books that bring you not only great characters you can get invested in, but also expand your imagination, knowledge, and inspiration in the setting of the story. This book did this and I just loved picking it up and wondering where Zara and Tobias would lead me to next.

I have enjoyed all three books But As I mentioned above, try to ignore the blurb of this book, grab book 1 and get reading.

A life she never imagined...and a love she can’t deny
Zara Leighton has risked everything to track down the elusive art thief known as Icon, only to discover him already in her arms: the billionaire tech genius—and her lover—Tobias Wilder. Zara wants to resist Tobias, to deny his fiercely sexy smile and their sizzling chemistry. But instead, she agrees to help him one more time.
Tobias will do anything to protect Zara, but he needs her for one last ultimate job: a job that will clear both their names and grant them a future together... if they can pull it off.
The danger is real. The stakes are unbelievably high. But when it comes to love, there’s only one prize that matters…



Vanessa Fewings is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS. THE CHASE is the first in her sizzling new romantic trilogy from HQN Books and will be released in June 2017, followed by THE GAME & THE PRIZE. Vanessa is also the author of The Stone Masters Vampire Series. Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Cyprus and the USA. Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband. The Bestselling Enthrall Sessions reading order can be found on Instagram: @vanessafewings The Bestselling Enthrall Sessions - reading order can be found on Rep'd by The Whalen Agency



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