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New Release The Ragged People By Lucy Fenton @lfen

Title: The Ragged People
Series: Arden St. John #2
Author: Lucy Fenton
Genre: Paranormal YA
Release Date: October 31, 2016


Arden St John – teenager, witch and embodiment of chaos - is back.
The new school year starts with her surrounded by friends and her boyfriend, Nick, all of them happy and out from under the shadow of Georgia, who now lurks on the edges, friendless and powerless.
But there is something in the shadows. It is looking for Arden and it’s not the only one.
There are many who want to use Arden, some of them more dangerous than the vampires who want her life.
Even those protecting her want something from her, more than she is willing to give.
Still determined to stop the vampires’ trade, Arden had to choose between staying safe or embracing her terrifying power. When she finally unleashes the power within her, the consequences are more than she could imagine.
As more secrets are revealed, a price must be paid for the truth. Powerful but vulnerable, Arden must suffer through betrayal, love and acceptance as her story continues.



“I need you to help me.” It could have sounded like a request but it came out as a demand.
“I don’t have to do anything.” Arden shut her locker with a bang and turning, started to walk in a wide circle around Georgia who was standing in her way.
Georgia matched her, stepping directly into her path. “You took away my power and now my father is going to sell me to an old man. You owe it to me. Stop him or give me back my power,” she hissed, her voice low to prevent them being overheard.
Arden averted her eyes to the ceiling, fighting the urge to throw the book in her hand at Georgia’s head. “First of all, it wasn’t yours. You stole if from the last person who tried to help you. Second of all, I don’t have your power so I couldn’t give it back even if I wanted to.” Arden retorted, part of her wondering why she was even engaging.
“Elizabeth wasn’t trying to help.”
Arden could feel a headache coming on. “Yes, she was. She would have run away with you and protected you.”
“You don’t know that.” Georgia sounded less certain.
“Actually, I do know that. When she took over my body, I saw everything, including you pushing her off the cliff. I know you made a deal with the water sprites to kill her in exchange for her power.”
Georgia blanched but held her nerve.
“You can’t prove anything.”
Arden ground her teeth. “I don’t need to prove anything. I also don’t need to help you. Frankly you’re getting what you deserve.” Arden started walking faster, but Georgia kept pace with her.
“So you only want to help the kids sold to vampires, but not anyone else?” Georgia hissed.
Arden slowed and faced her former tormentor. “Look, I’m not in favour of anyone being sold for any reason, but you tried to kill me several times. You also enslaved Nick and everyone else at school. Why on Earth would I do anything to help you? You’re a horrible person.”
“It’s not my fault.”
“Which bit?” Arden snorted.
“Any of it.”
“How do you figure that?” Arden was so astonished at Georgia’s complete lack of remorse that she stopped dead.
“You don’t understand what it was like to grow up, always being compared to Elizabeth,” she spat.
Arden pointed her finger at Georgia. “You grew up in a comfortable house, you were fed and clothed. No one abused you. What exactly are you complaining about?”
“No one ever loved me.” Georgia crossed her arms and glared at Arden.
“Except Elizabeth, who you murdered.” Arden rolled her eyes and moved to go around her. The girl is completely deranged, she thought. And psychotic. Never forget, psychotic.
“If you let me be sold, then you’re the same as me.” Georgia’s face twisted into a snarl, making Arden glad Georgia had no power behind it.
“I could never be as bad as you, and I’m supposed to be the product of several generations of evil,” Arden muttered over her shoulder as she entered the lab.
“I hope you rot in hell!” Georgia shouted from the doorway.
“See you there then,” Arden replied dryly.
Lying on Sophie’s bed, Arden tossed a blue stress ball into the air before catching it again.
“Sophie, should I help Georgia?” Arden asked, holding onto the ball and looking over at her friend who sat trawling through her numerous social media pages.
“Help Georgia!” Sophie exclaimed, turning around to stare at Arden. “What?”
Arden filled her in on the details of her run in with Georgia, wondering why these things stuck with her. I wish I could just forget about it, instead replaying it over and over, making me constantly second guess myself. She thought she was right to say no, but if she was, why did it continue to weigh on her?
Sophie threw her hands up in the air. “I have no idea. She’s a psychopath but aren’t we against selling people?”
“In general, yes. But if she went away then we wouldn’t have to deal with her anymore,” Arden said, looking hopeful.
“Someone else would have to though.”
“Maybe they’ll be better at managing her. She might improve,” Arden argued.
Sophie’s eyebrows rose, crinkling her forehead. “Or she could get worse. She killed her twin sister and no one’s even tried to take her to task on it. I think she needs some serious therapy but there’s no way to make her get help.”
“What if I offered to help in exchange for her getting treatment?” Arden frowned, thinking hard.
“How would you enforce it?”
“I don’t know.” Arden shrugged. “I wish I had a therapist I could talk to about it but mine is dead. I probably killed her, though she was a vampire and I was a mindless killer at the time, so I don’t know for sure.” She tilted her head, reflecting on what she had just said. “Hmm... that doesn’t sound so good. Maybe I should get a therapist as well?”
“Yeah, of course it doesn’t sound good when I say it like that. Killing vampires doesn’t count though.”
Arden paused, considering.
“Am I a bad person if I kind of want her to be sold as a slave to an old guy?”
“Of course not. A bad person would never even ask that question. Wanting vengeance is natural.”
“But we’re against selling people, right?”
“Unfortunately, yes we are.” Sophie nodded, sadly.
“Even psychotic ones who deserve it?” Arden asked.
“I think it’s one of those blanket rule deals.”
“So if there aren’t any exceptions that means I’m going to have to help her.” Arden’s mouth twisted in disgust. The thought of helping Georgia left a bad taste in her mouth.
“Ugh,” Sophie agreed. “There’s something so wrong with that.”
“Aren’t I supposed to be evil? Evil people don’t save people, especially ones they don’t like.” Arden threw the ball up in the air and caught it again.
“Well if it ever comes down to a decision for you, you know, on whether to turn evil like your real mother or not, you can put that in the “pro” column.”

#1 Superstition
Lucy Fenton lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and two children. In addition to her cake- making business, she works as a freelance copywriter and pens occasional articles for various online magazines.
Not being one of those people who had a burning desire to be anything in particular, Lucy worked her way alphabetically backwards through the available degrees at Sydney University. Surprisingly, given the amount of fun she had at school, she finally managed to graduate with a completely unemployable degree in Philosophy. A Law degree soon followed, however, simply to make it possible for some organization to hire her.
After ten soul-destroying years wandering aimlessly in the corporate wilderness, Lucy threw it all in and reassessed. Deciding to bring the “one day I will write a book” idea to the present, she started and hasn’t stopped. As reader of many different genres, she writes the kinds of books that she enjoys to read.
In her spare time, Lucy Fenton…actually she has no spare time. She sleeps or reads copious amounts of books instead of sleeping.


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Review: Clean Slate By Lan LLP @authorlanllp

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Title: Clean Slate
Author: Lan LLP
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 29, 2016


It started as a mother’s dying wish… CEO James “Max” Reid is a confident, self-made billionaire who thoroughly enjoys the fruits of his labor and success. The world sees him as a materialistic asshole, but not his ailing mother. She knows there’s much more to her son than what his arrogant faรงade portrays. Desperate to help Max discover who he truly is, she persuades him to make her an unbreakable promise. “Give from your heart, not your wallet.” He has no choice, but to fulfill her dying wish. It started as a family’s aspiration… Emilia Vitalia Young is the girl-next-door people can’t help but fall in love with. She comes from a family that believes happiness comes from putting others first. When an unexpected tragedy strikes, Emilia is left with an incurable heart, her family business, and a large inheritance. Being the sole survivor, she takes it upon herself to keep her family’s aspiration alive. What happens when fate gives them a clean slate?
Encountering Max at an orphanage in Vietnam changes the course of both their lives. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but Emilia errs on the side of caution, fearing more heartbreak would destroy her completely. With a clean slate, it’s up to Max to put someone else before his own needs and desires. Can these two broken souls find a way to repair their damaged hearts?
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Clean Slate

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** I voluntarily reviewed this book, I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book, these are my honest ramblings and I hope you enjoy reading them - kat***

I have not read a book by this author before but the blurb sounded like it could be a nice but interesting romance.

With our Main Male Character, Max Reid, being a Billionaire that has been focused on one thing - being the best and therefore proving a point to his father who left without a backwards glance when he was a kid, he is a typical Billionaire, and the only person who has any sway is his ailing mother, her dying wish was for him to listen to his heart, that giving money was not enough, he had to give some of himself too.

“Give from your heart, not your wallet.” I guess this is a valid point to listen too, as yes we can give money to charity, but if we give of ourselves wouldn't that be better? So I enjoyed Max's journey as he discovers that there is more to this world than being the Best and having millions in the bank.

Emilia Vitalia Young, the girl-next-door who believes happiness comes from putting others first. But she finds it very hard to keep that mission statement since the tragedy that struck her family. With an unsympathetic Fiancee who leaves her reeling with the news that he is not sure that he wants to marry her after all, she sets off to Vietnam to help out at an orphanage there.

With her focus on keeping her family’s tradition of 'Giving' alive. She sets off to Vietnam to help at one of the Orphanages there and try and figure out what she will do with her life when she gets back to the States.

When Max also trying to keep his promise to his mother signs up to help at the same Orphanage, the pair meet and the result changes the course of both their lives.

OK - here are my thoughts:

My favourite part of the book were the parts in Vietnam, and I guess the author being from there may be the reason why this part felt more alive.

My Least favourite part - was the drama that transpired when the pair get back to the states. - it was too predictable, as in that the pair couldn't just have a happy ending - no there had to be more drama and intrigue added.

I feel that the plot could have been tighter, the storyline seemed to drag quite a lot at the beginning and I nearly stopped reading. But I kept going and, in the end, I am glad I pushed myself to the end.

The Characters - I liked Emilia but I couldn't understand why she stayed with her fiancee so long until I got to a point in the book, then I realised why the author pushed it on for so long.

Max, his character did not gel properly for me, he was at some points a dominant alpha, wanting Emilia to submit to him, then he would swing to being soft and gentle. His character felt like the author was trying too hard to make him too much of a FSOG Mr Grey!

We were introduced to other couples in the story that to me could have been halved - unless they will be the main characters in a spin-off book? This is where for me I feel that these extra characters could have been tightened up to make the story flow better.

The Epilogue that tied up ends seemed rushed, and also tried to tie up too many loose ends, but then introduced Max meeting someone that was left open and not really concluded, and left me feeling that it had either been thrown in as a quick closure or that it was left like that so that if the author wished there may be another book in the future with these characters.

We had a bit of Suspense and drama thrown into the plot with the help of the Ex's (that was the predictable part, i just saw it coming from a mile away)

I think I would have preferred to have had more of the 'Orphanage' and less of the trivial States scenes as in my opinion the characters at the orphanage were more interesting and I wanted to know what happened to them more than what went on with one of Emilia's friend's.


Author Bio

lanBy profession, she’s technical and structured, but by choice, she enjoys being creative and spontaneous. Writing gives her the freedom to be whatever or wherever she wants to be as her mind takes her on adventures as far as her imagination can reach. When she’s not off on one of her writing journeys, her time is split amongst her two adorable little girls, her supportive husband, family, friends and an extremely rewarding job of caring for cancer patients.

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Book 2 Whispers of Darkness #99c

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Review: Declan (Shadow Alliance Book One) by Caitlyn O’Leary #NewRelease #MilitaryRomance



You want to know about me? I believe in three things: loyalty to my friends, helping those in need and
the end justifies the means.

Declan (Shadow Alliance Book One) by Caitlyn O’Leary

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Spin-Off of Navy SEAL Midnight Delta Series

This is what you need to know.
I keep the people around me safe,
And sometimes I rain vengeance on my enemies.
It's who I am, and what I do.
As a former Army Ranger, I get the job done.
After an unforgivable betrayal by one of my own,
I created the Shadow Alliance.
We handle the dark and dangerous work,
Jobs that governments won't.

And now, the sexy, smart, and feisty Allison Davies needs my help.
As an FBI Agent, enlisting my help could cost her job.
But, I'm her only hope.
There's only one problem.
Our mutual desire just might get in the way.
One misstep and we become the hunted.
A price I just might be willing to pay.


Excerpt #1

She pressed her lips to mine.  Soft and gentle.  I reciprocated.  Loving the feel.  I wanted—needed—to give her comfort.  But then she changed the pressure.  Her movements became urgent.
“Baby,” I tried to caution her.
“Declan, I need you.  I need this.”
I’d take her to bed and just hold her.  She needed comfort.  Then, as if she could read my mind…
“Declan, I’ve known you were special since I read your file.  I’ve wanted you since I saw you searching for Anna.  I’ve needed you since you convinced me I’m beautiful in your eyes.”
“Oh, Allie, you’re the one who’s the diamond.  I see all of your facets, all of your depths, and you shine, baby.  You shine.”  Her eyes lit up at my words, and I was so happy I’d found the right ones.  I eased her off my lap and stood up.  The hungry look in her eyes almost brought me to my knees.  Before she started to stand, I whisked her into my arms, and her eyes melted.  Good, I wanted her to feel as special as she was.
I headed to the bedroom I’d recently vacated.  As soon as I got her to the room, I let her slide down my body.  Since I was just wearing my boxers, there was no doubt how I was feeling.  But I needed to be sure this was truly what she wanted.  After I turned on the bedside light I found her sitting on the bed.  I knelt in front of her.
“Allie, are you sure?”
“Aren’t you?”
I looked at my dick and then back up at her.  She laughed.
“I really want this too,” she whispered.
“Then you might be wearing a few too many clothes,” I whispered back.  Leaning forward, I captured her mouth for a kiss.  Her lips parted and I unbuttoned her blouse.  Slowly, I drew the cotton sleeves down her shoulders, touching the silk of her skin as I went.  She gasped as I traced the curves of her breasts above the cups of her bra.  I broke away from her lips.
“God, look at you.”  I unclasped the front enclosure and her breasts spilled into my hands.  I thumbed her pink nipples and she moaned, and pressed hard into my hands.  She liked it when I plucked and pinched the tips of her breasts.
“Declan, that feels so good.”
I dipped my head and sucked her nipple into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue, loving her whimpers and gasps.  She grabbed my head and her nails bit into my scalp.  I wrapped my arms around her, and laid her down on the bed.  She was rubbing her jean clad legs together.  I thrust one hand between them and she slammed her legs together, locking it in place.  Like I wanted it anywhere else.  I rubbed against the seam of her jeans, and licked at the tender flesh of her swollen breasts.
“So good.”  She sighed.
She arched up, but it wasn’t enough.  I pulled off her jeans and panties.  She was truly beautiful.
“Now you.”
“Your boxers,” she said.
“Not yet.  First I want to play some more.”  The woman had legs that wouldn’t stop.  I couldn’t believe that she ever doubted her attractiveness.  Whoever had been her past lovers had been absolute assholes.
She reached out to me, and I lowered myself into her arms, kissing those plump lips of hers, reveling in the jolt she once again gave me as our lips met.  Having our bodies meet was bliss.  Her breasts touching my chest was heaven.  I dragged my chest hair against her nipples and she groaned.
“Again.  Do that again.”  I did.  Slowly I inched downwards, kissing silken flesh along my way.  Peaches.  I smelled peaches, until finally I smelled peaches and musk.  Divine.  Parting her thighs, I found glistening pink magic.  Allie tensed.
“I am.”  Sure she was.
I pressed her legs wider apart, but it was a bit of a struggle. “Honey, I just want to play.”
“I know.”
“You like this, don’t you?”  I blew against her folds.
“I don’t know.”  Yep, she had only been with assholes.
I parted her slick flesh and licked her.  She shuddered, but didn’t make a sound.  Peaches, spice, and Allie.  So good.  I looked up, and she was biting the base of her thumb.  Oh that was a challenge.  Her body betrayed her, it showed me exactly what kind of touches it liked, and when I added my fingers, she started to pant.
Up and down, around and around.
“Declan?  Come inside me now.”
“Not until you scream.”
My fingers found what they’d been searching for, and she squeaked and tightened in a good way.  Carefully, I sucked.
“Declan!  It’s too good.”  She was drenched in pleasure.
Almost there.
I stroked inwards, and bit her clit gently, flicking my tongue against her swollen flesh.  She let out a shriek, and pulsed her release.
I moved up to the nightstand and ripped off my boxers.  I tore open the condom and looked at Allie.
“Please, now!”
Slowly, I entered her tight depths.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  It was pure bliss.  Those long legs curled around me, and she pulled me in.
“More!”  I gave her everything.  She gasped, but then smiled.  “Perfect.”
“Thank God.”
I began to move, and she met me.  We danced and twined, moving ever upwards. I felt my orgasm begin at the base of my spine.  I wasn’t going to last.  That beautiful face, those eyes that shimmered.  I dipped in for another kiss that shot sparks.
“Allie?”  I was hanging on by a thread.
She thrust up against me, her heels digging into my ass.  I felt her sheath begin to tighten and I thought my head would explode.
This woman, this beautiful woman let out a joyful sound that was my name, over and over again.
“Yes, God yes, Allie.”
I shot ever upwards until I found heaven.
declan 1024.jpg


*** I voluntarily reviewed this book, I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book, these are my honest ramblings and I hope you enjoy reading them - kat***

 Declan McAllister and his team Shadow Alliance are on a mercy mission to save the flood victims in Paraguay, Declan is the best type of book boyfriend, an Alpha Male who has a heart, loyal to a fault and he has his demons that make him try to do the right thing. which all in all makes him a great character.

FBI Agent Allison Davies tracks him down to discuss what he knows about a traitor that was on his team one fateful mission - the result of his traitorous actions haunt Declan every day.

With lots of 'sigh' moments when he is looking after the flood victims, to when he is gently trying to get through the walls of Allison's heart <3 and she has some big walls to crack. Allison's backstory was tragic but she rose above them and turned into the perfect partner for Declan.

The sparks fly and the pair team up to track down the supposedly dead traitor, along with Allison's friend and the rest of Shadow Alliance, its a cat and mouse game to who will outwit whom.

I do not want to say too much about the book, but the story kept me gripped to my kindle, Ms. O'Leary's writing style creates a vivid picture of both suspense and action.

Declan and Allison make a great pair both in the field and romanticly and I will be checking out the next book in this new series, as I don't want to miss out on their next mission.

declan teaser 1.jpg

declan teaser 2.jpg

About the Author:

Caitlyn O'Leary is an avid reader, and considers herself a fan first and an author second. She reads a wide variety of genres, but finds herself going back to happily-ever-afters. Getting a chance to write, after years in corporate America is a dream come true. She hopes that her stories provide the kind of entertainment and escape that she has found from some of her favorite authors.

Her Series Include:
It's a bit Paranormal, a bit Sci-Fi and 100% Action/Adventure. The characters have special abilities, that make them targets.

This is focused on a group of Navy Seals. What makes them special is their bond to one another, and the women they come to love.

This is the series that started her career, it is a Menage Series that takes place in Fate Harbor Washington. It focuses on a tight knit community who live and love and care for one another.

Stalk Her: Website, Facebook, Amazon, and Goodreads.


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