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Review: His Choice by Sheila Kell, @Sheila_Kell @hottreepromos


AJ Hamilton, tangled up with Baltimore's largest crime boss, is ordered to threaten a pesky reporter, but he never expected his attraction to Megan Rogers to make him want to protect her instead. Now on the run, their passions flare as they fight to stay alive. Then AJ is forced to make a choice where he may not be able to protect her or their hearts.
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*** I voluntarily reviewed this book, I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book, these are my honest ramblings and I hope you enjoy reading them - kat***
I started reading this series for the Box set release, Hamilton Investigation & Security: HIS are great stand-alone stories but by reading them in the order of the release means you are not spoiled by minor spoilers, and of course you understand where AJ came from if you have read Book 1 His Desire
In AJ's Book, he is mixed up with one of Baltimore's largest crime gangs "the Magic Shop', you wonder how the heck he went from FBI hotshot to Criminal Enforcer, and this is kept in the dark for a while. When he is sent to threaten reporter Megan Rogers, his conscience is brought abruptly awake by the attraction he feels for her. AJ tries to warn her off. Megan doesn't listen, of course, she has too much riding on this investigation.
When Megan witnesses a murder, AJ has to save her and stay one step ahead of The Magician, the mysterious head of the gang who now wants both of them dead.
When AJ and Megan decide to pool their resources and enlist the help of HIS, the race to find and take down the Magician and his accomplices is on.
There were a few twists and turns, AJ was a bit too reluctant to enlist his brothers help, but he eventually realises no man is an island, and then together AJ Megan and HIS get into the exciting stuff of finding out who is 'The Magician'.
The ending was exciting, a few twists revealed at the end confirmed my suspicions to who was secretly working against the team.
I like these SEAL/Law enforcement stories as they have the excitement of a situation out of the norm, and with characters who you would love to rescue you - heroes, but heroes with flaws.
A thought of something I had read earlier this week came to mind when I was thinking of these Brave women that Sheila Kell has found to heal the Hamilton Brothers,
The Japanese kintsugi or Kintsukuroi: The Japanese Art of Embracing Broken and Flawed Things, a philosophy of awe, reverence, and restoration. The gold-filled cracks of a once-broken item are a testament to its history.
Megan, is the gold that fills the cracks in AJ who sees the flaws in him, but loves him anyway. together they are stronger. I am now reading His Return which I am really enjoying.

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Sheila Kell writes smokin’ hot romance and intrigue. She secretly laughs when her mother, in that stern voice, calls it, “nasty.” As a self-proclaimed caffeine addict nestled in north Mississippi with three cats, she wears her pajamas most of the day and writes about the romantic men who leave women’s hearts pounding with a happily ever after built on a memorable, adrenaline-pumping story. When she isn’t writing, she can be found visiting her family, dreaming of an editor who agrees her work is perfect, or watching cartoons.
Sheila is a proud Romance Writers of America member. You can find out more on her websiteFacebook and Twitter. Join her newsletter for VIP updates, contests, upcoming appearances and news!

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