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Review of 2017 Top Reads

top reads 2017

It's been a bit of a stressful year personally So I that's meant my reading and blogging took a back seat to my family's needs. But the thing about reading books is that for a while you can forget about the problems you are facing and escape into the world's created by authors.

 My favourite paranormal authors had books out this year. Nalini Singh has been busy this year with two of the books making this top read 2017 list. 

Silver Silence was a book I had been eagerly awaiting. It didn't disappoint, alpha bears oh my!!! 

Rachel M Raithby's Wolf Sight, is probably my favourite book of the year, I know that I will probably be seen as biased, but I don't care, so what if I had some input into the way it looks.   Yes my husband Rob  @creationinspire created it with artistic direction from both myself and Rachel, and the formatting is our best yet, I loved designing the illustrations for the headings and the wolf on the front page,   but the main reason this books my top pick is because the storyline is awesome, Rachel has been dealing with a lot of upheavals personally,  finding herself pregnant and a single parent mid way through the year is enough to scupper most people's creativity,  so to get a book out during this amazing in itself, but the writing and storyline, after reading the book I'd say it's her best yet! I loved Anna and Cages story, and I can't wait for the next New Dawn Novel. 

My favourite SEAL series was by Caitlyn O'Leary it's a hard decision between any of them as the series is awesome and I could re-read them all tomorrow and not think it a waste of time. 

There was also a biography that made this list, I don't usually get into non-fiction books but Garrett McNamara's life is more interesting than fiction and I have always loved the sea. If you like reading interesting life stories then give this a go. 

I could go on, and write a bit about each book but it would make a rather long post so click on this link if you'd like to get to Goodreads and read each review (or search my blog as there individual reviews on here also. 

I'll finish at my current read @Sheila Kells His Family this is the Patriarch of the Hamilton families book and so far it is shaping up to be the first on the top read 2018 list. I hope all who read/follow my blog on whichever platform have a great #NewYearEve and that 2018 brings you all that you need. I don't want much (roof over my head, a job so I can keep the first and my family to be safe and happy) 

All the Best Kat ๐Ÿ’œ

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Jenni's Review of Power Struggle by Paige Fieldsted @paigefieldsted

I gave up on love twenty years ago. These days I only want hot sex. Jameson Beck is experienced, confident, and sinfully sexy— a perfect distraction from the murder trial taking over my life. But now I’m expected to work with him every day and ignore his never-ending advances? Yeah, right. I can’t keep my distance, not even with Jameson threatening everything I’ve worked for over the past ten years. And he's making me want the very thing I'd sworn off: love. 
Olivia Roberts, the blonde bombshell. She’s hot, feisty, and isn’t afraid to talk dirty. She fights me at every turn, but that only makes me want her more. Too bad she’s the one person standing between me and the partnership I’d do anything to get. Olivia makes me question it all. I thought my career was enough. I thought I didn’t need love. But now I don’t think I can live without it. Or her.

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  Power StrugglePower Struggle by Paige Fieldsted
JENNIS rating: 5 of 5 stars

***I voluntarily reviewed this book for Katsindiebookblog, and I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book.*** Power Struggle was a very sexy, enlightening, and great read. Olivia has worked her butt off in school and at work, to become a partner in one of the best Law Offices in NY. She has the drive and skills to make it possible. However, in doing so, she has pretty much given up on any possibility of love. Love has no space and time in her busy schedule.
Jameson is one of the best Defense Attorneys in LA. While relocating to NY for a new scene, he is promised by his new bosses to position of new partnership. Jameson had love once but lost it because of his work. He just does what he does best, screw and work.
In light of a huge profile case, Olivia and Jameson meet, on some very interesting terms I might add! The two have to work together to prove a man innocent of his crimes. Can these two stubborn, hard working people come together to prove him innocent? Or will both of their egos get in the way of their job?
This was a very great read from the beginning. You get sucked in immediately and have to fight to put it down. The story is highly addicting and a very intense read. Unfortunately, this story will show that certain aspects of life will always be a man’s world, no matter how hard you work your butt off, but in the end, it will always pay off! Get ready to have your mind blown by Jameson’s sexiness and Olivia’s stubbornness. They are great together, once they overcome the obstacles! Such a great read, and I look forward to more from this author!

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I’m Paige, a writer living in Utah with my husband, toddler Mason and pug Willy. I’ve been a writer nearly my whole life. My grandma told me that after I would visit as a little girl she would find half written stories on scraps of paper all over the house. My love for writing led me to pursue a career in journalism where I covered everything from sports to crime and courts. I loved being a reporter, writing every day and telling stories, but didn't love the late nights and stressful deadlines, so I tweaked my career path and now work as a communications specialist in Salt Lake City. I’ve wanted to publish a book for as long as I can remember and I’m so excited to have finally made the dream into a reality. 


Sunday, 19 November 2017

One Shot By B.J. Harvey Review

Title: One Shot
Series: Chances #1
Author: BJ Harvey
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2017
Boy meets girl, boy wins girl, boy nails girl—boy’s gone by morning.
I think for sure it must've been a dream because there’s no way a guy could look like that, touch me like that and be so in tune with me on every known level, and disappear, leaving me with nothing but a good story to tell my friends.
When he walks into my bar three months later, everything I thought I knew and what we’d had disappears in the blink of an eye and the blinding light of the three-carat diamond on his fiancรฉe's hand.
It seems what I thought was a dream is now my most complicated reality, and I've got absolutely no idea how to fix it - or if I even want to.

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One Shot (Chances, #1)One Shot by B.J. Harvey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, this is a good stand alone romance and it will keep the reader turning pages to see if true love will run smoothly.

All I'll say is that Millen and Kenzie road to happiness is paved with a few pot holes.

Kenzie is a tough cookie who having grown up on a broken home, and this has given her a few ground rules when it came to dating.

No dating taken men, shes cautious, makes a man prove his worth before letting him in.

Sounds like a plan doesn't it, well it is, if the blokes honest. Kenzie thought Millen was it, but when after she lets him into her heart, he disappears never to be heard of again, she shuts off her broken heart and tries to carry on, only to have him walk into her bar 3months later with a fiancee who happened to be Kenzies

Millen... what a cad you are thinking, well..Maybe, or is he one of those rare men, one with an old fashioned sense of family commitment and responsibilities?
Well I'll let you read the book yourself to find out.

All I'll say is that theres reasons for Millen leaving Kenzie in the lurch, maybe the wrong reasons, but they we're understandable.

The supporting characters are interesting also and I'll be wanting to read book two when its out.

This book has an epilogue, so remember to flip to the next page, rather than leaving it at "the end", this was the only thing I had an issue with, as it could lead to the reader missing part of the story.

*** this review is MY honest opinion and I have not received any monies or requested to review the book***

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Present Day
I have tingles, and not the kind that feel great in all the right places. The ones I’m feeling right now are the hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-your-neck, someone-walking-over-your-grave kind of feelings that you get when something bad is about to happen.
Unable to ignore them any longer, I turn around from my stock take sheet and come face to face with my worst nightmare.
Lana fucking Mason, childhood best friend turned high school nemesis and arch enemy, and…
A man stands beside her, his eyes as wide as mine and—if I’m not mistaken—he looks kind of pissed off. At me.
And just like that, this moment has just gone from bad to worse.
Hold on! I’m the one who should be annoyed, with him. It wasn’t me who did a disappearing act three months ago, and now he’s here, standing with her. Of all the fish in the sea, he had to go for the smelliest, rottenest one.
“Kenzie,” she says, all saccharine sweet, like she wouldn’t choke on the first dick that came close to her perfectly-made-up lips. “Long time no see.”
Forever wouldn’t have been long enough, Lana.
“We were in town running errands and thought we’d stop by. I wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to.” Without preamble, she holds out her hand as if she’s the Queen of Sheba and I’m a lowly minion at her bidding. But that’s the last thing I care about, given that I’m being blinded by a huge, shiny rock on her ring finger.
What in the ever-loving fuck?
I don’t get a chance to hide my surprise, or the fact that my eyes dart to Millen, his jaw twitching like crazy, his grey eyes that I remember turning molten with lust now blazing with some unreadable emotion.
Why is he angry at me when he must’ve known that I’d be here?
Lana turns her head and beams at him all doe-eyed and vomit-inducing, reaching out her arm to Millen before returning her attention to me, positioning herself to deliver the final death blow.
Then she says them. The words I don’t want to hear—let alone believe.
“I have amazing news. First, my daddy just bought this place. And second, meet Millen, my fiancรฉ…”
Yep. Dead. Done. The see-ya-later, don’t-let-the-door-hit-your-ass-on-the-way-out kind of done.
Then Drew walks through the front door. Drew who warms my bed most nights. Finally, a friendly face.
However, one look at Lana’s expression and I know this moment has just gone from bad to plain awkward. It’s like the universe is making a joke at my expense.
Drew’s already big smile grows impossibly larger when he spots the two people standing in front of me.
“Mills!” he says, pulling Millen into a man-hug the likes of which I’ve never seen Drew hand out before. He turns to the she-bitch and wraps his arms around her too. “Lans.”
“What are you guys doing here?” Drew asks.
“You know them?” I blurt out, my brain unable to engage quick enough to care about putting a filter in place.
Millen’s eyes snap to Drew then back to me. “You know Drew?” he asks at the same time as Lana juts a hip to the side and asks Drew, “You know Kenzie?”
“Millen is my best friend from college,” Drew happily informs me, and his smile falls at the same time that all of the blood rushes from my face.
Awkward, meet Mortifying. Also here are Shame, Embarrassment, Anger, Disgust, and over in the corner there is Complete and Utter Confusion and her friend I’m Going to Have to Move to the States and Join a Women-Only Commune with Cats and Unlimited Batteries.
With nothing else to say—at least, nothing that wouldn’t take a bottle of Jack and a whole lot of time—I decide to just go with the flow and revert to my old trusty auto-pilot because seriously, what else is there for me to do?
“Soooo, would anyone like a drink?”

BJ Harvey is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Bliss Series. She regards herself as a smut peddler, suspense conjurer, and a funny romance thinker upper. An avid music fan, you will always find her singing some hit song badly and loving every minute of it. She’s a wife, a mom to two beautiful girls, and hails from what she considers as the best country in the world—New Zealand.
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Cherish Hard By Nalini Singh Release Tour - Review



New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh kicks off her new Hard Play contemporary romance series with a sizzling story that’ll leave you smiling…

Cherish Hard is NOW LIVE

Meet Sailor & Isa TODAY!

cherish hard 1111.jpg


A Hard Play Novel by Nalini Singh

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh kicks off her new Hard Play contemporary romance series with a sizzling story that’ll leave you smiling…

Sailor Bishop has only one goal for his future – to create a successful landscaping business. No distractions allowed. Then he comes face-to-face and lips-to-lips with a woman who blushes like an innocent… and kisses like pure sin.

รsa Rain craves a man who will cherish her, aches to create a loving family of her own. Trading steamy kisses with a hot gardener in a parking lot? Not the way to true love. Then a deal with the devil (aka her CEO-mother) makes รsa a corporate VP for the summer. Her main task? Working closely with a certain hot gardener.

And Sailor Bishop has wickedness on his mind.

As รsa starts to fall for a man who makes her want to throttle and pounce on him at the same time, she knows she has to choose – play it safe and steady, or risk all her dreams and hope Sailor doesn’t destroy her heart.


Cherish Hard Quote 2 (2).jpg

Excerpt from CHERISH HARD by
Nalini Singh

รSA WONDERED WHAT THE HELL she was doing.
Being a devil woman, she reminded herself. Having fun for a change. Not being a grandma at twenty-eight years of age.
Still, she couldn’t stop second-guessing herself as Sailor led her out of the house through a side entrance that opened out into a small, manicured garden. “I’ll have to take off my heels,” she whispered when she saw the pebbled path snaking through the garden.
“Want a piggyback ride?” A playful grin. “I promise not to molest your thighs.”
Goose bumps broke out over รsa’s skin, her nipples tight. Reckless as she was feeling tonight, she might just have taken him up on his offer if she hadn’t been worried her damn dress would split in two. “Maybe when we’re naked,” she said instead, Devil รsa in full flower.
Groaning, he doubled over as if she’d punched him.
Her lips twitching despite the melting sexual heat liquefying her bones, she leaned down to slip off her heels.
Sailor waited, his hand firm around hers, until she was done. Taking the heels from her, he carried them in his other hand as รsa padded beside him on the grass that lay on this side of the pebbled path. The path ended at a weathered wooden gate, which, when opened, put them at the top of a narrow walkway that led down onto a beach รsa couldn’t yet see but could hear.
Her heart crashed in time with the waves as they made their way down to the beach while the mansion behind them pulsed with light and music. But she didn’t turn and run away, she didn’t stop and talk herself out of it, she didn’t attempt to be a sensible adult. She followed a gorgeous, blue-eyed man down a dirt pathway to an effectively private beach.
The sand that had been tracked onto the path was gritty under her feet, the air coming off the sea cool but not cold.
“The water’s going to be icy, isn’t it?” she whispered to his broad back.
“Don’t worry, spitfire. I’ll keep you warm,” was the deep-voiced response. “Stop here.” Jumping down to the beach, he reached up to grab her by the waist, swinging her down as if she were a featherweight.
Something fluffy and mushy came to life inside รsa. “Here?”
Shaking his head, he said, “Raj told me there’s like a little cove area—not a proper cove, but caused by— There.”
รsa saw it at once. A huge tree had fallen into the water at some point and smashed up against some rocks where it appeared to be stuck. Between the jutting rocks on either side and the fallen trunk was a naturally created pool. The water within it was pretty calm, and it looked as if they could get to it by clambering over some rocks that didn’t appear too sharp or slippery.
Of course, she’d be walking over those rocks naked.
รsa looked up at the moon. Imagined it shining on the stark white of her body. Gulped. “Will you close your eyes while I go in the water?” Even Devil รsa wasn’t up for blinding him with her glow-in-the-dark form.
A glance back. “What’re you going to bribe me with?”
รsa scowled. “Not pushing you into the water right now.” It was a toothless threat given his muscles and her lack of them.
Rubbing his jaw, he said, “Three tongue kisses. That’s my price, and I’m not budging.”
รsa wanted to pounce on him all over again. “Two,” she countered.
“Nuh-uh. Three. Or I’m keeping both eyes wide open.” Leaning in, he pressed his nose to hers. “I really want to keep my eyes wide open.”
And รsa really wanted to kiss him and run her hands all over that sculpted chest. “Three,” she whispered.

Copyright © 2017 by Nalini Singh

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Haven’t read this series yet? Start the Rock Kiss Series NOW!
Rock Addiction (Book One) Rock Kiss Series

Rock Courtship (Book 1.5) A Rock Kiss Novel:

  • Rock Redemption (Book Three) Rock Kiss Series

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Rock Wedding (Book Four) Rock Kiss Series

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Author Information

Nalini Singh is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Psy-Changeling, Guild Hunter, and Rock Kiss series. She lives and works in beautiful New Zealand, and is passionate about writing.

If you’d like to explore her other books, you can find lots of excerpts and free short stories on her website. Slave to Sensation is the first book in the Psy-Changeling series, while Angels’ Blood is the first book in the Guild Hunter series. The Rock Kiss books are all stand alone and can be read in any order.

STALK HER:  Website | Facebook |  Instagram  |  Twitter | Goodreads

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