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I read lots of books, I've always loved reading, I also paint, (when I'm not busy with a book..so I may post pics of them once in a while) . Last year I started reading books by indie authors, when my daughter introduced me to the independent Authors scene, I started reading and made a point of always submitting a review for each indie authors book, and thought maybe I should have my own blog to post them on too, so here goes...
First Independent Author Book I read

I will be posting reviews of the books I've previously reviewed on goodreads, Amazon etc. and will continue to add as I read new books.

One of my favourite reading spots was on the deck of our house in Buderim, a cool drink and a warm breeze.. and thats Layla who likes to interrupt me when I am reading ;) I am now back in New Zealand, and Layla is in the UK, which I am betting is a BIG difference to her!

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