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#GIVEAWAY *´¨✫BREATHE by Amber Lacie *´¨✫ @amber_lacie #GIVEAWAY - ends 14th February 2017

#GIVEAWAY - ends 14th February 2017
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Want a chance to win a copy of Breathe and/or Pretty; by Amber Lacie sent directly to your kindle?


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Amber Lacie​ has kindly offered to directly send to kindle two copies of Breathe and one of pretty; her previous release, so I am going to do this by having a giveaway that the Main Prize winner gets both copies, and then a runner up who gets the BREATHE 2nd copy - to enter follow the instructions and When I pick the winners they will have 48hrs notice to send me their kindle addresses.


*´¨✫BREATHE by Amber Lacie *´¨✫
RELEASE DATE: December 12th, 2016
GENRE: Contemporary Romance

#UglyCry #Carstensstory #willneedtissues #morethanjustabook #Itsalovestory


Sometimes love is fated in the stars. You know you are destined for each other. Your souls entwine and you can’t imagine your life without them.

Sometimes it’s found when you’re not looking for it. It peeks around the corner when you least expect it, sweeping you off your feet, carrying you off into the sunset.

Sometimes, there are a lucky few who get to experience both. I was one of the lucky ones.
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A grunt escapes my lips, as I try to roll over. It’s late. I’m not sure what time it is exactly, but I know it’s late. The lights on the pole are lit up, sending random colors reflecting off the windows and the mirror of his dresser. It’s calmingly beautiful. Holden is spread across the end of the bed with his long legs hanging over the side. It takes a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the darkness.
Lifting the blanket off of me, I kneel on the bed, leaning towards Holden, attempting to see if he’s awake. My heart does a little flip when I notice a small brown, worn looking stuffed dog. I cannot believe he has kept it all this time. We were ten years old and we thought we owned the world, as we walked around the state fair.
I had forced Holden on every ride and he was paying for it with a massive headache. I kept teasing him about being weaker than me. I must have taken things a little too far because he wouldn’t look at me. Knowing I had hurt him, I grabbed him by the arm and dragged him behind me, until I found a game I knew I could win.
There was a rather obese man with greasy hair wearing a red shirt, juggling baseballs in front of his stand. Plates were lined up awkwardly on shelves behind him. All I had to do was break three plates and I would win the huge stuffed bear hanging on a wall full of smaller prizes. It took me eleven tries before I finally broke two plates.
I guess the guy must have felt bad for me because he handed me a small, brown stuffed dog with a white heart on its nose and told me to move along. It wasn’t what I was hoping for, but I gave it to Holden anyways. My reward was the tiniest of kisses on my cheek.
Giggling to myself, I lay back down. I’m not sure he would want me to see him sleeping with a stuffed animal, but I’m glad that I did. An idea pops into my head, just as I start to relax again. My eyes peer around the room until I find what I’m looking for. Sneaking over to his dresser as quietly as I can, I grab his camera and tiptoe back over to the bed.
The camera flashes when I snap his picture, causing me to immediately regret my decision. Afraid he might wake up and catch me, I grab the Polaroid picture and put the camera back where I found it. I slip back into bed and pull the blanket over me just in time. He rolls over and sits up a bit. My heart is frantic, as I watch him look across the room. I see his head turn and I quickly close my eyes.
“What are you doing?” His voice is raspy, almost menacing. Shit. I don’t answer, instead I pretend to be asleep. “I know you. I know when you are up to something. I also know you are awake. Being that it’s the middle of the night, I’m going to pretend I don’t know anything and I’m going back to sleep. Goodnight, Carsten.”
“Night.” Shit. Did I just answer him? I hear him laugh as he rolls over. Shit. I did answer him. Maybe he will forget, at least I hope he does. I wait a few minutes to make sure he’s sound asleep before I grab the Polaroid, shaking it a few times. There’s a glare from the flash. It almost looks as though Holden has a golden light surrounding him. I can barely make out the dark lump tucked under his arm. A grin spreads across my face, as I slide the picture into the pillowcase under my head.


I grew up in Chicagoland and now live in quaint little town in Northwest Indiana. I have two beautiful children and husband who worships the ground I walk on (or at least he should). I've always loved reading. Now I'm expanding that love into writing and look forward to producing many books.
I'm a huge geek and proud of it. Books are my life. I love reading, especially fiction. It doesn't matter the genre or age group. I will read anything from comics to novels. I read at least one book a day. If it wasn't for my kindle, my living room would be overflowing with books.

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༺**~~* Escaping reality by creating fantasies one word at a time...

-Amber Lacie (c)


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