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Review blitz: Sexy With Attitude Too: An Opposites Attract, Enemies to Lovers, Small Town RomCom by Emily James


Reasons Luke Stone is off limits:

He’s a cop. I have a criminal past.  

His favourite pastime is pulling me over for speeding. Driving fast makes me feel free.

He’s maddeningly hot. I am off men.

He’s my boss’ brother. If they discover my resume is fake, I’ll get fired.

He knows I’m hiding something, and he’s determined to find out what.

So when my boss orders me to cat sit at his place while he whisks his bride away on honeymoon, the last person I expect to share the responsibility with is Luke Stone. AKA the hot-as-hell heart-throb cop.

Surviving him will be impossible. He’s infuriating. He eats all my snacks, makes constant innuendos and walks around half naked, flaunting those rock-hard abs and bulging biceps, making my mouth water. 

They say there is a fine line between love and hate. I’ll either end up killing him or sleeping with him. 

Please God, let it be the first one.

SEXY WITH ATTITUDE TOO is a HOT RomCom with lashings of banter, fun and all the feels. It is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult content.

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I had not read OMFG:Operation: My Fake Girlfriend.
But if you had, then this book location would probably be more familiar. But I didnt have any issues reading this as a stand alone. 

If you like light hearted rom-com then the book will be right up your alley.
Luke Stone was a bit clichรฉd as in a typical player. But I sure enjoyed Rosies comebacks and attitude towards him.
The books set in a small fictional town in the UK. But in reality it could be any small town... It seems a world wide phenomenon of gossips and grapevines. But I've lived in places like that (some even have Facebook pages now... I could just imagine how the gossips would be furiously messaging about Luke and his latest conquest to be) I felt sorry for Rosies predicament with her past, and she was the character I really connected to. My other favourite was Geraldine... The cat.
The book as a good read that had me laughing. I may have to check out Operation: My Fake Girlfriend. Since this book has Grace and Sebastian in it.

Rachel M Raithby

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