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Do Not Disturb By Mary Billiter Review #5starReview @MaryBilliter

The perfect job, a dream guy and one chance to screw it up...

When a luxury beachfront hotel in the OC conducts a mass hire, Katie Flanagan’s ninth in line. 

Is it her dream job? Possibly. 

Will it help her escape living with her parents for the rest of her life? Hopefully. 

Add in two hot new hires: one who is her type in all the wrong ways and one who has her questioning what she really wants and needs. Either way, she has a choice to make. 

When Katie discovers a secret document aimed at downsizing the staff, she finds her voice and pens a press release that places the hotel, and her, at the center of national coverage. When the corporate line is drawn in the sand, the question becomes – will she cross it? 

Havoc, heat, and hotel madness… welcome to the back hallways at the Waterfront Point Resort.



 Do Not DisturbDo Not Disturb by Mary Billiter
Jenni's rating: 5 of 5 stars

***I voluntarily reviewed this book for Katsindiebookblog, and I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book.***

This was such a great story, unique in its very own way. What happens when you are stuck living in your parents home, and a mass employment opportunity arises in an up and coming beach resort? You arrive extra early so you can be in line and pray for a job, that is what Katie does.

In the process of getting a new job, she’s pulled between 2 guys. What’s a girl to do? Not only is she having boy issues, there is trouble with the new company she is working for. Katie unsuspectingly comes across some documents that could ruin a lot of people’s careers, including herself. Can she get everyone together to stop the corruption? Or will she be the only one out of a job?

This is such a great book all the way around. You have many things going on, yet the story is not a clutter. It’s also fabulous because there is a woman hero for a change! If you want a great HEA book with woman heroism, I highly recommend this book. I know this will be on my list to reread, it’s that good!

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Author Bio

Mary Billiter is a weekly newspaper columnist, romance author and college writing instructor. She also has novels published under the pen name, “Pumpkin Spice.”

Mary resides in the Cowboy State with her unabashedly bald husband, her four amazing children, two fantastic step-kids, and their runaway dog. She does her best writing (in her head) on her daily runs in wild, romantic, beautiful Wyoming.

Read more about Mary and her work at:

Follow Mary on Twitter: @MaryBilliter 

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