Review Request Policy


I accept fiction submissions for review from authors, publicists, or publishers.

  • I accept books in print or e-book (Kindle) format, I will also accept books in PDF or Epub.

  • If the proposed review is to be part of a blog tour, I will try to work with you in choosing a specific date given enough notice.

  • If you are submitting an ARC or other pre-publication book, I can publish the review in relation to the release date, if given enough notice.

  • If you have any questions on whether or not I would be interested in your book, please contact me on katsindiebookblog [at] gmail [dot] com. or use my contact form.

  • I’m happy to take part in author interviews and/or giveaways for books I review.

  • The reviews shared on this site are either my honest opinion, or Jenni Crawford, my reviewer who helps with the book reviews and they are the property of this site and can only be used with the permission and that Katsindiebookblog is cited.

Generally my reviews include information such as:

  • Cover image

  • Link to author’s website

  • Book metadata

  • Synopsis

  • Personal rating on a 5-point scale

  • Cross-promotion on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest.

  • Affiliate links to purchase the book at Amazon and/or other sites.

  • The review posted on Goodreads, and a commercial website such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and any other site it is available.

Fiction Genres Accepted:

  • Fantasy

  • Mystery

  • Young Adult

  • Dystopian

  • New Adult

  • Paranormal Romance

  • Erotic Romance

  •  Chick-Lit

  • Contemporary Romance

  • Science Fiction

  •  Suspense

  • Westerns (romance)

Fiction Genres Typically Not Accepted:

  • Historical

  • Comic Books

  • Graphic Novels

  • Horror

  • Manga

  • Art

  • Celebrity Biographies

  • Military History

  • Poetry

Generally Not Accepted:

  • Non Fiction

  • Politics

  • Religious/Spirituality Books

  • Science

  • Social Science

  • Technology (unless written for lay readers)

  • Women’s Studies

What to Include in Your Review Request:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Release date

  • Synopsis

  • Any picture you wish to include in the Review post - Book Cover, Teasers, Dream cast etc.

  • Page count

  • Intended audience /genre

  • Website associated with the book or author

  • Your contact name (and role)

  • Expected time frame when you would like the review to be posted (if applicable)

  • Book tour information (if applicable)

  • Giveaway copies available (if applicable)

  • Author interview availability (if applicable)
Send to me on katsindiebookblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

NOTE: All images on the blog have been supplied by either the author or the Tour host, this blog does not take any responsibility for any images that are contravening any copyright, if you see anything that is suspect please contact me by either commenting on the post or by emailing me on the above email.

My reviews are either my own or Jenni's honest opinion. thanks for visiting this blog - Kat

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