Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Teaser Tuesday

#NewRelease Oceans Collide By M.A. DeOlmos is a hard hitting novel with reality based emotionally charged situations. Get Your Copy today 
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​Beautiful gut-ranching series that will have you at the edge of your seat until the very end.
​Grab Your Copy NOW. 
Finding Solace #1:
Amazon UK~ ​http://goo.gl/LmsXUb
Affliction #1.5:
Fearing Regret #2:


Broken Ever after (book one)
Amazon USA - http://amzn.to/UX7RzJ


Teach Me Love By S. Moose is currently FREE until 7/8/14 here are the buy links and sale graphics is attached. 
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Through The Eyes Of A Female Dominant By Andie Lea is now available for Pew-Order and I was hoping you will be able to share on social media. Graphics are attached



I wasn't planning on falling for Ethan Jamison, hell I wasn't planning on our paths ever crossing. He’s the most popular guy at school and a complete player. Me; I’m the perpetual good girl, trying to carry out one last request. But when you make a promise, how far do you go to see it through? 

~ Blair

It’s a running joke that I’m a terrible liar, if only people knew the truth. My whole life has been spent making excuses and deflecting questions. I was pretty good at it until Blair Thomas entered my world. She saw through the mask that everyone is so willing to accept. She makes me want to tell her all my secrets, but can she promise to keep them?

~ Ethan

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