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Kratos By T.L. Smith Blog Tour Review post

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  Kratos: Take Over #3 By: T.L. Smith

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You think you know me…. You think you know whom I am…so lets get a few things straight…. I didn’t get involved in relationships. Relationships are for the weak, plus it’s leverage for your enemy’s and I have plenty.

But that’s all changed. When a strong willed woman, with the mouth of a sailor walked into my life, wearing tiny shorts, which displayed her beautiful long legs and round ass. I thought I could play with her and maybe get my fix. But when she spoke I knew that wasn’t going to happen. She is full of life and one scary ass little woman. I knew right away I had to have her and would do anything to keep her.

She owns my soul; she owns my demons, every part of me is owned by her.

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T.L. lives in Brisbane, Australia with her 2 children. She started writing because of her love of reading. She used to doodle with ideas when she was younger, but never wrote too much. Her life dream is to be a full time author. If you ask her if she is like her characters, she says, “I am like both of the characters from my two book series. I think I have put a bit of myself in both….Krinos tends to say things without thinking, I do the same. She also rules the roost, and I do the same in my household.” Her celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth, she loves chocolate ice cream, her biggest pet peeve is nails on a chalkboard., and she is not a fan of having her photo taken. She loves being part of the Indie Book world, and has made some amazing friends along the way. But, she acknowledges she could never do what she does if it wasn’t for the bloggers that pimp her and the fans that support her and read her books.

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Before I met Krinos I wasn’t a man of many words. I did my work, fucked plenty of women and slept alone every night. That’s the way I liked it. I didn’t need a clingy, bitchy woman in my life trying to rule me and telling me what to do.

My life is not suitable for a woman. I deal in drugs, guns and other things that should not be mentioned. I’ve had my fair share of women thinking they could change me after one night, but obviously they don’t know me. They only wanted the power and orgasms I could give them. You see my mouth alone would make you scream, and I promise you would never think of another man for the rest of your life. I’m, just that good.

Women just don’t seem to understand, that just because we find you good looking and pick you up at a bar does not mean you are going to get any more than the best fucking night of your life.

And then I met Krinos…. Well, how do I describe a woman with the mouth of gangsta and the body of a model, but the fist of a boxer. I still don’t think I could describe her appropriately to this day. She made me want that sappy lovey shit and she made me want her without even doing anything. She has just consumed me….

She fought me on it, but I knew I would have her, consume her, and keep her soul for the rest of our lives, as she has mine.

Kratos (Take Over, #3)Kratos by T.L. Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review

Kratos is written in Stefanos’ POV, we get a little snippet in the beginning of how he became the Tough Alpha Dom (this is not a BDSM book - BUT he needs to dominate the situation, what ever it is... sex or business, and he definitely wants Eliza (Krinos) to submit to him, and he constantly battles Eliza to get her to submit to him, and she is not a SUB)

Some readers will see him as an arrogant SOB, but I do understand what Ms Smith was doing when she created these characters... they are not NORMAL - they are gangsters, in the last book we were left dangling with Eliza being kidnapped, Hes out to get his girl back and woe betide anyone who gets in the way.

With a novella you do not get enough time to go into detail but there is Action and lots of Sex, you get to see how Stefanos and Eliza change, and become a couple, Stefanos becomes Eliza’s Kratos. Kratos ... Definition. force, strength; power, might: mighty with great power. a mighty deed, a work of power. dominion.

As I said he is a DOM ;) and although I do think that this book has answered some of the questions I had from the last books, (eg Krinos getting freed) I there were others situations that were skipped - what happened with Eliza's Mothers Husband in Aussie? And We don't really get to know much about Giovanni who kidnaps Eliza, and one character is only mentioned as someones sister. But all in all I did enjoy reading Krinos and Kratos getting their version of a HEA!!

This series is the first which I have read of Ms Smith's, I have Sasha's Dilemma to read also by T. L. Smith, I look forward to reading and reviewing.

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