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Strike to the heart By Malia Mallory Review @MaliaMallory #Sports MMA

Strike to the Heart - Champion Hearts Book 1 by Malia Mallory


Tonight wasn’t about love, it was about greedy desire.

From NYT and USAT Bestselling Author Malia Mallory

When tennis star Jo Parker-Barrow meets MMA fighter Zane Ryan at a US Open party, she has no idea who he is. She just knows he’s handsome and sexy. Throwing her usual caution to the wind, Jo allows herself one hot night with a stranger.

But Zane doesn’t want to remain a stranger. He pursues Jo until she can’t say no, but neither can she say yes. She’s had her fill of men who take risks for a living, and Zane is a mixed martial arts fighter at the top of his sport. Can Jo love not only the man but the fighter as well?
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Strike to the Heart - Champion Hearts Book 1 (MMA Sports Romance)Strike to the Heart - Champion Hearts Book 1 by Malia Mallory
Jenni's rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am giving this review on behalf of Katsindiebookblog. Jo is a great tennis player, working her way through tournaments such as the popular US Open. Zane is a popular MMA fighter. One night, huge party, they see each other across the way and have an instant connection. Jo doesn’t do relationships, especially when it comes to men in dangerous professions. Jo is just looking to rewind, relax and get on with her tournaments. Zane falls instantly for Jo and wants more than just a one nighter. Can Jo look past what Zane does for a living, or will she continue to push possibly the best thing in her life away? I’ve read my share of Malia’s books and have loved them. This one is no different. It is well written with great imagery in it. Yes, it’s a little fast-paced, BUT it will keep you on your toes through the whole read. For a fast-paced romance novel, this would be a great choice. Chemistry is an instant between the two, it’s just a question if Jo can step over her imaginary boundaries and take a leap for possible love. ]
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