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Review: Deserving Taryn By A.C. Wilson Cover by @Creation1nspire @acwilson_author


“There was nothing like family. It cemented hopes, dreams and loyalty together to create a group of people who would do absolutely anything for each other.” –DeservingTaryn

A snowy Christmas Eve morning finds Taryn Green back in South Dakota, standing on the doorstep of the Crossing Pines Ranch and wondering what reception would await her return. Only three years have passed, but Taryn is dubbing it a lifetime she would never wish to relive. The charming, controlling boyfriend from high school was quickly transformed into something much, much worse. The courage to leave Dustin Lafke took a year for Taryn to gather. She wonders if it is truly over? Will he let her go?
 Then there is Levi Kodallas—her loveable, dependable friend. The same genuine country boy, whose heart was shattered the moment he realized she had broken up with him and fled to college halfway across the country. She doesn’t blame him for not wanting to forgive her. She can’t forgive herself. No one deserves to be burdened by her past mistakes, especially Levi. Taryn decides that she has to move forward, but to do that, she must retreat. She accepts a mission to discover truth, to chase happiness and finally, if she’s found worthy, to deserve love.

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 Deserving Taryn (Levi & Taryn, #3)Deserving Taryn by A.C. Wilson
Kat's rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** I voluntarily reviewed this book, I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book, these are my honest ramblings and I hope you enjoy reading them - kat***

We have the conclusion of This YA series, Three years have passed, since Taryn left with Dustin,
After leaving Levi with a broken heart, Rejecting the treasure of his love.
The Three years are Three that she would never wish on her worst enemy.
The charming, controlling boyfriend from high school quickly showed his true colours. But even then Taryn was blind to what was waiting with open arms.
Levi the boy every mother would love to see dating her daughter, he is the rock from her past that she thought was a weight holding her back, she never realised that his love would have lifted her to wherever she wanted to rise.
How I wanted Taryn to open her eyes, but time and circumstances were putting up blockades at every turn.
Ms Wilson has shown in Taryn the that the road to finding self-worth is a long traveled one, it took courage for Taryn to leave Dustin Lafke running with the cash in her pockets, looking over her shoulder for his brutal retaliation if he does catch up with her before she can get to safe borders.
Arriving Christmas Eve at the Crossing Pines Ranch, her family welcome her with open arms,
BUT Will Levi be as forgiving?
Taryn has a long journey ahead of her, will she manage to find the courage to accept that she deserves to be loved?
Will she realise in time, or will she find that her treasure has been taken by another?
I have really enjoyed this series, I fell in love with the Crossing Pines family when I read Black Hills Angel and I have stuck with them ever since.
I hope this isn't the last of the characters either. I have fallen a little in love with this Black Hills Ranch and its people.

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Author Bio

A Nebraska native, A.C. Wilson now lives in historic Abilene, Kansas with her husband and two boys. Always an avid reader, A.C. first fell in love with historical romances both Regency and Western. The world was a wide open place where adventures could happen even between the pages of a book. Deciding to give the characters in her head some room to breathe, A.C. started typing and hasn't looked back.

The Black Hills series books are contemporary western romances set in the iconic beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota. The Johnson family holds true to their values of love, duty, family, and loyalty.

The Broken Country novels are clean, young adult contemporary western romances set in western Nebraska. Readers will recognize some familiar characters from the Black Hills Series as the younger generation fights for what is most important and learns how to believe in themselves.

Watch for a new books coming in 2016 and 2017.

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