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Review: Forsaken By K.R. Fajardo @KRFajardo


“Love. Oh, she is a fickle beast. So beautiful on the outside, she uses her charms to lure the desperate and lonely into her waiting arms. Yet, underneath the pristine exterior lies await a vile beast who thrives on pain and misery. I have lived thousands of years, been tortured mercilessly by my enemies, watched people I cared for pass before my eyes, and have been betrayed more times than I care to recall. But this I can assure you, all that pain wains in comparison to what I experienced the night love was forever ripped from my life.”

Jarod and Maya are on the run. Having at last escaped the cruel and manipulative rule of the Shadows, Jarod leads Maya to the only place he knows of that might can offer them sanctuary. But when his own past once again threatens to ruin her hopes of having a somewhat normal life, Jarod is forced to make a difficult decision in order to protect the woman he loves.

Meanwhile in Oasis, things aren’t going much better. With Citera bitten and K missing, panic threatens to tear apart Oasis’ once care free life. Fearing the effect the new blood bond will have on the K and Citera’s link, Jaron scours the forest desperate to find her, all while still trying to maintain the peace. However when Jarod and Maya’s unexpected arrival at Oasis brings to light some shocking information, Jaron realizes he has been made fool of. Determined to redeem himself, he and Jarod lead a search party across the forbidden border into Lanoria, where they will have to face the Immortal Council and K’s vindictive ex in order to bring K back home.

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Forsaken (The Shadow Chronicles Book 3)

Forsaken by K.R. Fajardo

Jenni's rating: 5 of 5 stars

***I voluntarily reviewed this book for Katsindiebookblog, and I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book.*** This series just keeps getting better and better. I’ve read my share of series and some just don’t have that flow to keep it running and keep it interesting. This particular series has that continuous flow. The characters have their continuous development as well as the world they live in. Despite the many characters, they do not get jumbled up in the story line, each has their own particular story to tell.

This particular book in the series, I would say is the most intense. You get more of a feel behind K’s past, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The trials of Jarod and Maya’s escape, how lives are at the Oasis, and the fight to find K is in this story.
It’s hard to give any more information without giving away any spoilers. The best I can tell you is that this, to me, is the best book in the series. You find out plenty of information that you may have been questioning since the first book came out.

This is a very well written series that keeps you on your toes. It keeps your imagination flowing and sucking you into their world. You can’t help to feel what they all feel. This is a really great read and I highly recommend this book as well as the whole series!


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Book 2 Linked ~ Amazon US ~ Amazon UK

Book 3 Forsaken ~ Amazon US ~ Amazon UK

Author Bio 

K.R. Fajardo (Kelli) is a married mother of 3 beautiful children who lives in deep in the piney woods of East Texas. She loves chocolate, Dr. Pepper, 80's music, and anything paranormal. Her favorite way to unwind after a long, hard day is to kick up her feet and immerse herself into the fantastical world of a good book. It is this passion for reading that eventually lead Kelli to pursue her longtime dream of writing and in 2013, after a year of hard work, she self-published her first book K The Awakening. The following year its sequel Linked was released by Anchor Group Publishing. Spurred on by the out pouring of support she has received from friends, family, and complete strangers, Kelli looks forward to continuing to share her fantastical stories with readers around the world.

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