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Kat's Review: Lay Your Hands On Me (Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie and Rock Stars in Disguise: Xan, Book 3): A New Adult Rock Star Romance by Blair Babylon

Brand-new New Adult Rock Star Romance
from USA Today-Bestselling Author Blair Babylon!
Xan Valentine, the rock star that Rolling Stone called “sex incarnate,” stands in the spotlight every night and sings love songs to the women in the audience. They swoon. They scream. They believe him. They don’t know him like Georgie does.
They’ve never seen him nearly beat two men to death until someone pulled him off. They’ve never seen the coldness in his dark eyes when he sat across a table, negotiating a contract that broke their hearts.
He’s never stolen into their bedroom at night, slid into their bed, and made love to them until dawn, and he’s never treated them like it never happened while the bitemarks on their backs and thighs were still sore.
They’ve never seen him play the violin like an angel.
Or a demon.
Georgie is officially in his band now, playing the keyboards, and every concert drives the music deeper into her soul. If Georgie leaves the protection of the band and Xan Valentine, the Russian mafia will kidnap and kill her. If she stays and plays in his band for just a few more weeks, Xan will pay for her college and law school.
If her heart can survive even one more night with him.

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Lay Your Hands On Me (Billionaires in Disguise: Georgie and Rock Stars in Disguise: Xan, Book 3): A New Adult Rock Star Romance by Blair Babylon

Kat's rating: 5 of 5 stars

*** Gifted in exchange for an honest review ***
Alexandre, Alex and Xan... OH MY!!!
To be honest Alexandre gets my top swoon. But combined OMG - they are the most delicious morsel I read this book in one go, even swapping devices because my ipad went flat!
I think of all the Rockstar Romances I have read lately Blair Babylon hits the top slot with her series Rockstars in Disguise.
I have loved the band characters since the first book What a Girl Wants I have been hooked on this series, and with the series crossing over to the Billionaires series there are lots to keep your Blair Babylon reading fest going for a long time.
When a saucy but interesting read is the preferred book choice you could do no wrong by picking a book by Blair.
In this book we delve deeper into the physique of the Lead singer Xan/Alex/Alexandre. Seriously I wanted to hug him all better.
And poor Georgie is so confused to why Xan has insisted on a no fraternization clause, but that doesn't stop Alexandre LOL. No our supposedly dangerous facet to our lead singer seems more like a lovable pussycat.
As Georgie learns to love the stage and playing the piano in front of an audience through Xan's and the bands constant encouragement,the search for a full time replacement keyboard player brings someone from her past who broke our Georgies heart.
Peyton deserves his balls sucker punched in my eyes, but our big hearted Georgie forgives him.
And as Peyton learns the keyboard from Georgie so she can return to Law school in August, Georgie realises that what they had is gone, and that she can't escape the feelings she has for our broken lead singer.
On top of the constant fear of being snatched by the Russian Mafia Georgie has a lot on her plate.
Just as we are getting to Georgie and our leading man expressing their true feelings for each other Ms Babylon does our hearts in by ending on a tense cliff hanger...
And if like me you are really hooked on these characters, you will have #OneClicked the link on the back of the book to pre order the next installment.

Excerpt from Lay Your Hands On Me

Xan Valentine, the rock star—and Georgie could tell that he was Xan by the arrogant tilt of his head and the jitter of his fingers drumming on the conference room table—pushed a thick contract across the table toward her. His long hair was tied back in a ponytail, and he wore a trim, blue business suit without a tie, his collar unbuttoned at his throat. Silver and steel chains at his throat sparkled white glints in the overhead fluorescent lights, and that green crystal earring dangled from his ear lobe.
He looked straight at her while he slid the contract over the wood like he was accusing her of something, his dark eyes level and still as he stared. White bandages wrapped his knuckles, but at least the bleeding must have stopped overnight.
Jonas, the band manager for Killer Valentine, sat on Xan’s left. He sat straight in his chair, his black suit pressed and smooth.
Georgie was alone on her side of the table. The chill air in the hotel leaked down the back of her tee shirt and up her short sleeves, raising goosebumps on her skin.
She picked up the stack of paper and riffled through it. “This is a lot of contract for just two months.”
“There’s a lot to do in a rock band,” Xan said.
He didn’t sneer, and he didn’t snarl. If anything, his businesslike tone sounded resigned.
“I’m not signing this until I read the whole thing. I want an attorney’s opinion on it, too. Do you have an electronic copy?”
Jonas slid a thumb drive across the table to her. “Here’s a PDF.”
“Thanks.” She crammed the stick into the back pocket of her jeans.
Xan said, “We need you to sign it before you play with the band again, and the next performance is two days from now.”
Lay Your Hands on Me is the third book in the Georgie and Xan series.
Haven’t read the first one yet?
Download Every Breath
You Take
 (Book 1) for FREE here:

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