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Review: Escape: Flora (Blood Courtesans) by A.K. Michaels & Michelle Fox, @AvaKMichaels @AuthorMFox

Escape: Flora (Blood Courtesans)
“Flora, that’s a beautiful name,” Maxwell stares intently at me, his eyes raking from head to toe then back again, making my feet shuffle and my heart rate explode in my chest. “I think you’ll do nicely for my time here. Remember, Flora, you are mine for the duration of my visit. All mine. After I leave you will get paid and can go on with your life however you see fit.”
Welcome to the world of Blood Courtesans.
Where Vampires are real and blood is a commodity that can give me my means of escape.
Money. Freedom. Escape. That’s my only reason for selling myself, body and blood, to Maxwell Steele, this cold and lethal being before me.
I’ll go to any lengths to escape being a prisoner within a Wolf Pack, including offering myself as a Blood Courtesan to a powerful and deadly Vampire. First I have to escape the Pack, and my Alpha father. Will Maxwell be strong enough to protect me? I hope so: he’s my last hope for freedom and to live life as I want. I pray I’ll survive, and I pray I’ll keep my soul intact. My name is Flora and this is my story
The Blood Courtesans project is a multi-author series set in the world created by Michelle Fox.


This was a quick but enjoyable read, it reminded me of the of bodice ripping romances I used to sneak off my mum. With the authors Scottish humour seeping into her innocent but determined character Flora and our Vampire with a conscience, who spots Flora riding on his land. And then finds her applying to be his Courtesan for his stay in Scotland. The story reminded of a few of my of my favourite films Highlander in some scenes I pictured Gothic mansions, wild moors and heather covered views and brooding skies. And Max reminded me of Carlisle Cullen with his reticence for hurting humans for food, I was quite sad when I got to the end. I could have easily read another books worth of the characters ad their journey to their HEA

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Author Bio

New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels lives in Scotland, spending her time with family, pets and writing.

She writes Paranormal Romance With A Bite, and has a number of series out so far, over thirty books to whet your appetite. Ava took up writing later in life and is always thinking of the next story to indulge herself in.

She loves reading, chocolate, Rose wine and Luna who is a German Shepherd and mad as a hatter, and Jinx, a black Lab that is more than a little nuts. She has twitter, website and a Facebook page where she loves chatting to folks.

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