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Jenni's Review: Broken Soul by R'Lee Coffey @rleerose_3


Two years ago, a horde of bloodthirsty creatures ravaged Kydia Quinn’s home, leaving Whitney Lake a desolate wasteland. The Legion stepped in and took care of business, destroying the monsters and giving Kydia’s life purpose.

Now, a soldier for the creepy-crawly fighting squad (and able to kick butt better than anyone) Kydia can protect the people she loves from the horrible demons that skirt the shadows. But Kydia didn’t count on Grady, a swoon-worthy mystery man that completely throws her off her game. Grady takes the term creepy to a whole new level, strangely fascinated with Kydia to an obsessive degree. 

As Kydia struggles to understand what Grady is and what his interest in her is all about, a new and more dangerous breed of monster skates into town, one the Legion thought was extinct. 

Kydia finds herself the center of an archaic retaliation that puts her ¬¬life in jeopardy. She can battle monsters until the cows come home, but is she powerless when it comes to saving herself from a curse that threatens to break her soul? 

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 Broken Soul (Broken, Battered, Bruised, #1)Broken Soul by R'Lee Coffey
Jenni's rating: 4 of 5 stars

***I voluntarily reviewed this book for Katsindiebookblog, and I gained no monetary incentives nor was I specifically requested to review the book.***

 This particular book puts your imagination to the test. You are thrown into a “new” world where you’ve never been before in any book.
 Kydia lives in Whitney Lake, once a town where monsters took over, till The Legion came around and did their best to clean it up and keep it that way; safe from monsters of all types. Kydia has worked her butt off to become a part of The Legion, doing whatever she can to keep her home, family, and friends safe. Until one night on her way home from training, she runs into a guy named Grady.

 The author did great in putting the synopsis of Grady as creepy. You definitely get that creepy vibe from him in this book. Kydia is working so hard in trying to figure out her attraction for him, especially when he’s a part of a family that everyone thought was dead for many of years.
You are put into a fast paced world, filled with action and suspense.

 The ending makes you excited for the next book in line. Hopefully filling in the little questions here and there we are all wondering, such as what will happen between Kydia and Grady? This is a quick paced read that will be hard to put down. So find your comfy spot, grab your snacks, and sit down and enjoy! I recommend this book, especially for anyone that loves action and suspense books!

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Author Bio

Wordsmith, unicorn whisperer, and master procrastinator, R’Lee Coffey lives in Michigan with her husband and five kids. While she spends most of her time penning stories about mythical creatures, she also enjoys reading, cooking, and leprechaun hunting. For all things Faerie Tale related, visit

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