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Till There Was You by Lilliana Anderson Review @Confidante_Lili

Till There Was You

Till There Was You

Haunted by his past, Lincoln Ryan abandoned his life in Australia, retreating halfway around the world to the town of Newsham, a place as remote and cold as his heart had become. It suited him perfectly—for a while.

When a fateful event forces him to help out local bar owner, Lily Colbert, Linc finds his life of solitude is suddenly flooded with the light and hope of one very stubborn woman. Slowly his walls begin to crumble, as he lets the enigmatic Lily in. But when Linc and Lily dance perilously close to the ‘L’ word, his secrets re-emerge, rocking him to the core as he tries once again to outrun his past.

However, the thing about the past is that it always seems to follow you around, and for Linc, hiding may not be an option anymore. Not when he has Lily. Not when he might finally have a future….

Till There Was You is the debut novel by Wade Anderson, co-written with his wife, Lilliana Anderson (author of Drawn and 47 Things)

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Till There Was You by Lilliana Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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So I started this book then had to stop to catch up on the book I was supposed to read. But I was glad to get back to him - Linc - Yes Lincoln Ryan had already crept into my heart, he is hiding, from pain and from life. when his quiet life is interrupted when he has to step up and save local bar owner Lily.

Lily Colbert, is a strong stubborn lady who doesn't want to give up on the feelings that Linc stirs in her.

Lincoln has kept his heart closed off, so much so that he didn't even name his dog - I found this really heartbreaking, that he was so lost, but Lily stubbornly doesn't give up, and when his dog is hurt and Lily helps him, she slowly leads him into the light.

Will she manage to drag him out of the abyss of pain and loss, or will he push her away like he did his family and friends...

This was a story was about two believable characters, to which events in life took loved ones away from them, For Lincoln it left him bereft and locked in misery, then there are those who refuse to let the darkness win, that are brave and strong and continue to let people into their hearts - that is Lily. And sometimes fate brings them together and gives them a second chance, and that is the message in this book, it was also easy to get engaged with the characters involved, and also the supporting characters, such as Lily's brother who was a typical interfering older brother, but my favourite supporting character was Tim the old vet.

This was the first collaboration between Liliana and Wade and I think they did a great job.

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