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Review - Faking It as the Maid by Emily James

Faking It as the Maid: A Fun and Sexy Romantic Comedy


A brand-new Rom Com with banter so HOT it’s better than foreplay.

Avery is unemployed and one paycheck away from being homeless. When she helps out a friend by covering her shifts as a maid to the super rich, she doesn’t expect Ben, the arrogant jerk who hit on her, to wind up being her boss. 

To top matters off, he thinks she stole his wallet, and he’s determined to work her hard until she’s paid off her debt.

Now Avery has to keep her infuriating boss sweet, and tolerate his sexy, naked ass, fresh out of the shower, wandering about the place like he owns it. Okay, so he does own the place, but still, it’s indecent—Abs like that should come with a warning label, or whipped cream…

Can Avery clean up her act and keep her friend from getting fired or will cleaning Ben’s mansion make her dirtier than ever? 

Warning: FAKING IT AS THE MAID is a standalone RomCom that hits you right in the feels. Only hit BUY NOW if you are over 18 and can handle SEXY situations, TITILATING foreplay, and red-hot PASSION.

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Faking It as the MaidFaking It as the Maid by Emily James
Kats rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was the perfect choice for a light read while I was away with the family. The premise of the storyline had me expecting it to be a little predictable in the essence of the trope of poor girl falls for the rich guy but I was pleasantly surprised. I started reading and couldn't put it down
Avery has had a hard life so far, but she is determined not to fall into the slot society wants to put her in, living in the cheap and run-down estates of the UK, where the impoverished are forced to pay rent to greedy housing corporations who don't give a dam about the niceties of heating or working lifts (elevators).
Being an Expat who recently spent time in the UK and saw the huge changes that have occurred since I left, I felt this book had a really good grasp of how the poor are held back and are unable to get out of the poverty cycle.
I liked the way the author puts Avery and Ben into each other's paths and how each moment after gives the reader an unpredictable set of circumstance, pre-conceived ideas and fate that make both Ben and Avery learn about themselves and each other.
This is the first book of this author I have read and I will be checking more of her work soon

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